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Karma To Burn: V



Napalm/Sound Pollution

KARMA TO BURN reunited with the phrase “Suck my disc, you two-faced, no-good fuckhead. I hope you burn in hell you LA cunt”. Not bad for a band that had been together between 1994 and 2002. The trio of Rich Mullins, bass, Will Mecum, guitar, and Rob Oswald, drums, actually made a lot of fans, skipping such nonsense as song titles, vocals and lyrics. Back in 2009 they reunited, celebrated with a small tour, followed by a support tour for MONSTER MAGNET. But now they have given in to conventions, using vocals, and, actually, adding Daniel Davies (YEAR LONG DISASTER), as vocalist. How is this gonna end?

They do rock and use grooves in fine fashion in opener “47”. But it is not the paramount moment on the album. “48” to “50” pass along in the same old fashion, rather pleasant, but without shaking my universe. The three vocal tracks; “The Cynic”, “Jimmy Dead” and the cover of BLACK SABBATH´S criminally underrated “Never Say Die” all mark the debut of Daniel Davies. The first of them is a NWOBHM-inspired piece, with some “MOTÖRHEAD thrown in for good measure. “Jimmy Dean” relies on the OZZY version of BLACK SABBATH, still in a stoner way, and quite catchy. Sadly enough, the temperature rises only in the final track, the BLACK SABBATH cover. Lightly stoner-ized, blessed with a rumbling bass line, but otherwise quite faithful to the original. It is a fine rendition that will end up on my MP3. Tragically the highlight is a 23 year old song by someone else. I wonder if KARMA TO BURN has run its course?

Track List
The Cynic
Jimmy Dean
Never Say Die (BLACK SABBATH cover)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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