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 FAQ about concerts, festivals and photography | FESTIVALPHOTO



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What can I find on Festivalphoto?

Here on Festivalphoto you can find over 500 000 photos from festivals and concerts from all over the world. You can also read reviews, interviews and blogs.

Who is the target group of Festivalphoto?

The site is for festival and concert attenders and at the same time an enormous database with thousands of photos for media, bands, magazines and so on.

Are the pictures available in a higher resolution than what is shown on the website?

Yes, all our pictures are available in high resolution.

Can Festivalphoto photograph my band?

Yes, we love to photograph promotion photos in studio, live on stage or outside on location. Photos can be used for record covers, press releases, posters, festivals and such. We can also help you with a graphic layout.

I want to write/photograph for Festivalphoto. Is that possible?

We always need new skilled photographers and writers. Do not hesitate to send us an application. First read what photographers/reporters we are looking for at the moment before contacting us. We get new applications daily, sometimes it can take a while before we answer these, but be patient, you will get a reply.

I found a picture of me that I want you to remove. Is that possible?

If you find a picture of yourself and you do not want on Festivalphoto, please contact us and let us know what picture it is and we will remove it.

Is Festivalphoto interested in a cooperation with my company/event?

We are always interested in cooperations with other companies and clubs etc. Anything is possible! Please email us with your suggestions.

Can I advertise at Festivalphoto?

If you want to advertise at Festivalphoto we can offer you great exposure on the website, in our newsletter and on our group at Facebook. Please email us

How long has Festivalphoto been around?

Festivalphoto was started in 2005 by Rasmus Lindgren who with help from colleague Thomas Glimfelt built the first version of Festivalphoto that only consisted of festival life photos, hence the name Festivalphoto. Since then a lot has happened and now we document daily concerts and festivals around the world.

I want to share my opinions about Festivalphoto. How do I do that?

We love feedback! Positive or negative... Please contact us by email.

Can I use the photos or texts from Festivalphoto?

No, all material on the websites of Festivalphoto is copyrighted. If you want to use any of our photos or texts you have to contact us first.

Will you be publishing pictures or reveiws from x?

The website is updated daily. Come back once in a while to be sure you do not miss any photos or reviews. Also have a look at Gigs2Come to see what we are up to.