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The history of Festivalphoto

Festivalphoto was formed by Rasmus Lindgren who, with help from his friend Thomas Glimfelt started Festivalphoto in 2005. Rasmus formed the idea back in 1999 when he visited his first festival an thereby started building his collection of festival photos. With some design and html help from Thomas Festivalphoto was up and running.

Today Festivalphoto has over 500 000 pictures from festivals and concerts photographed by a some hundred professional photographers from all over the world. Photos and reviews gets updated on a daily basis.

Festivalphoto is an uncensored journalistic documentation of festivals and concerts since our photographers are where the action is. What is shown is the reality in our surroundings on festivals and concerts.

In 2007 Festivalphoto grew and some reinventing was necessary. We then got help from web designer Björn Carlsson. He helpt us create Festivalphoto 2.0 witch was released in july 2007.

In the spring of 2010 Erika Tivedal joined the team and continued the work with our Facebook page where we now continuously post pictures from concerts and festivals and interact with fans from all over the world.

In the spring of 2011 a lot of our enthusiasts has worked hard yet again to develop the site with a more updated and easy to navigate design. Liselott Lindberg is one of these. Also Festivalphoto has had great help from all the others in the festival crew who handle accreditations, band contacts, contact with record labels and much more.

A big thank you!