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Mikael Johansson


They call me Miggo, I have been writing reviews and interviews since 2002/03. First with Bright Eyes Magazine/Sweden Rock Magazine, then with them and, then only with, a site that will return soon, and now I´m here.
Since appr a year back i also dabble with in Jönköping.

Photos taken by Mikael Johansson:

2018-06-15 - 2018-06-16 Subkult

Written by Mikael Johansson:

2016-02-19 Tygers Of Pan Tang: Noises from the Cathouse +3 (Eng)
2015-11-15 Blitzkrieg: A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary Edition (Eng)
2015-11-15 Reverence: Gods of War (Eng)
2015-11-15 Avatarium: The Girl with the Raven Mask (Eng)
2015-11-08 Blackmore´s Night: All Our Yesterdays (Eng)
2015-11-08 Kelly Keeling: Mind Radio (Eng)
2015-10-18 Praying Mantis: Legacy (Eng)
2015-10-15 BLITZKRIEG to release "A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary Edition (Eng)
2015-06-21 Whitesnake: The Purple Album (Eng)
2015-06-21 Ten: Isla de Muerta (Eng)
2015-06-21 Killer: Monsters of Rock (Eng)
2015-06-21 Killer: Monsters of Rock (Eng)
2015-06-07 Romeo´s Daughter: Spin (Eng)
2015-06-07 Nelson: Peace Out (Eng)
2015-06-07 Peterik/Scherer: Risk Everything (Eng)
2015-05-31 FM: Heroes & Villains (Eng)
2015-05-31 Ereb Altor: Nattramn (Eng)
2015-05-17 Impellitteri: Venom (Eng)
2015-05-17 Eclipse: Armageddonize (Eng)
2015-05-17 Furyon: Lost Salvation (Eng)
2015-04-27 Level 10: Chapter 1 (Eng)
2015-04-27 Deaf Dealer: Journey Into Fear (Eng)
2015-04-18 Sweet & Lynch: Only to Rise (Eng)
2015-04-18 Pat Travers band: Live at the Iridium NYC (Eng)
2015-03-16 Europe: War of Kings (Eng)
2015-03-16 Uriah Heep: Live at Koko (Eng)
2015-03-11 Jorn Lande & Trond Holter Present Dracula: Swing of Death (Eng)
2015-03-11 Yes: Like It Is: Yes Live at the Bristol Hippodrome (Eng)
2015-03-08 EUROPE - Mic Michaeli on War of Kings (Eng)
2015-02-15 Harem Scarem: Thirteen (Eng)
2015-02-15 In Faith: There´s a Storm Coming (Eng)
2015-02-15 Dennis DeYoung: ...and the Music of Styx Live in Los Angeles (Eng)
2015-01-06 Foreigner;: Best of 4 and More (Eng)
2015-01-06 Ten: Albion (Eng)
2015-01-06 Work of Art: Framework (Eng)
2015-01-06 Lonely Camel: Shit City (Eng)
2015-01-06 Alestorm: Sunset On the Golden Age (Eng)
2014-12-22 Bailey: Long Way Down (Eng)
2014-12-22 Crazy Lixx: S/T (Eng)
2014-12-22 Vega: Stereo Messiah (Eng)
2014-12-22 Alunah: Awakening the Forest (Eng)
2014-12-22 Megasonic: Intense (Eng)
2014-12-22 Warlord UK: We Die as One (Eng)
2014-12-09 Whitesnake: Live in 84 - Back to the Bone (Eng)
2014-12-09 Heart and Friends: Home for the Holidays (Eng)
2014-11-29 Isole: The Calm Hunter (Eng)
2014-11-29 Rated X: S/T (Eng)
2014-11-29 Allen/Lande: The Great Divide (Eng)
2014-11-29 Skyscraper: Elevation (Eng)
2014-11-17 Mr Big: Stories We Could Tell (Eng)
2014-11-17 Asia: High Voltage Live (Eng)
2014-11-17 Asia: High Voltage Live (Eng)
2014-11-04 Dalton: Pit Stop (Eng)
2014-11-04 Stryper: Live at the Whiskey (Eng)
2014-11-04 X-Drive: Get Your Rock On (Eng)
2014-10-18 Manny Charlton: Sharp/Sharp Re-Loaded (Eng)
2014-10-18 Ted Nugent: Shut Up & Jam (Eng)
2014-10-18 The Order of Asrafel: Wisdom (Eng)
2014-10-18 Yes: Heaven & Earth (Eng)
2014-09-03 BRB: Razorback - First Bite (Eng)
2014-09-02 Night by Night: NxN (Eng)
2014-08-29 Pet the Preacher:: The Cave and the Sunlight (Eng)
2014-08-29 Grave Digger: Return of the Reaper (Eng)
2014-08-29 Bloody Hammer (Eng)
2014-08-27 Cancer: The Sins of Mankind (Eng)
2014-08-24 Cancer: Death Shall Rise (Eng)
2014-08-24 Cancer: To the Gory End (Eng)
2014-08-15 Oliver Dawson Saxon: Blood and Thunder LIve (Eng)
2014-08-15 Uriah Heep: Outsider (Eng)
2014-08-15 Tesla: Simplicity (Eng)
2014-08-15 Night Ranger: High Road (Eng)
2014-08-15 Three Lions: S/T (Eng)
2014-08-15 Twilight Force: Tales of Ancient Prophecies (Eng)
2014-08-15 Unisonic: For the Kingdom EP (Eng)
2014-08-15 Miracle Master: Tattooed Woman (Eng)
2014-07-28 Neal Schön: So U (Eng)
2014-07-28 Exorcism: I Am God (Eng)
2014-07-28 Gamma Ray: Empire of the Undead (Eng)
2014-07-23 Robin George - The Historical View (Eng)
2014-07-05 Robin George: History (Eng)
2014-06-29 Wombbath: Internal Caustic Torments (Eng)
2014-06-29 Centinex: Subconscious Lobotomy V.II.MCMXCIX (Eng)
2014-06-26 Hollywood Monsters (Eng)
2014-06-26 California Breed: S/T (Eng)
2014-06-26 Winger: Better Days Comin´ (Eng)
2014-06-26 The Graviators: Motherload (Eng)
2014-06-26 Mountain Throne: Stormcoven (Eng)
2014-06-12 Sebastian Bach: Give ´Em Hell (Eng)
2014-06-12 Adramelech: Psychostasia (Eng)
2014-06-12 Fatal Smile: White Trash Heroes (Eng)
2014-06-01 Torchure: Beyond the Veil (Eng)
2014-06-01 Devil´s Heaven: Heaven on Earth (Eng)
2014-06-01 Jackson Firebird: Cock Rockin (Eng)
2014-06-01 W.E.T.: One Live - In Stockholm (Eng)
2014-06-01 Heart: Fanatic Live at Caesars Palace (Eng)
2014-05-04 Pretty Maids: Louder than Ever (Eng)
2014-05-04 Skyliner: Outsiders (Eng)
2014-05-04 Azoria: Seasons Change (Eng)
2014-05-04 Boston: Life, Love & Hope (Eng)
2014-04-27 Asia: Gravitas (Eng)
2014-04-27 L.R.S.: Down to the Core (Eng)
2014-04-27 Benedictum: Obey (Eng)
2014-04-07 Primal Fear: Delivering the Black (Eng)
2014-04-07 Royal Hunt: A Life to Die For (Eng)
2014-04-07 Angelica: Thrive (Eng)
2014-04-02 House of Lords: Precious Metal (Eng)
2014-02-24 Ring of Fire: Battle of Leningrad (Eng)
2014-02-24 Lover Under Cover: Into the Night (Eng)
2014-02-24 Red Dragon Cartel: ST (Eng)
2014-02-24 REO Speedwagon: Live at Moondance Jam (Swe)
2014-01-12 Jack Starr featuring Rhett Forrester: Out of the Darkness (Eng)
2014-01-12 Stryper: No More Hell to Pay (Eng)
2014-01-12 Place Vendome: Thunder in the Distance (Eng)
2014-01-12 Def Leppard: Viva! Hysteria (Eng)
2014-01-12 Master of Disguise: Knutson´s Return EP (Eng)
2013-12-06 Saxon: Unplugged and Strung Up (Eng)
2013-12-06 Motörhead: Aftershock (Eng)
2013-12-06 The Answer: New Horizons (Eng)
2013-12-06 ColdSpell: Frozen Paradise (Eng)
2013-12-06 Michael Monroe: Horns and Halos (Eng)
2013-11-15 Little River Band: Cuts Like a Diamond (Eng)
2013-11-15 Vengeance: Piece of Cake (Eng)
2013-11-15 Lita Ford: The Bitch Is Back...Live (Eng)
2013-11-15 Shatter Messiah: Hail the New Cross (Eng)
2013-11-15 Fergie Frederiksen: Any Given Moment (Eng)
2013-11-15 Ereb Altor: Fire Meets Ice (Eng)
2013-11-09 Sandstone: Delta Viridian (Eng)
2013-11-04 Blitzkrieg: Back from Hell (Eng)
2013-10-12 Arc Angel: Harlequins of Light (Eng)
2013-10-12 Chasing Violets: Jade Hearts (Eng)
2013-10-12 Magnus Karlsson´s Free Fall: S/T (Eng)
2013-10-12 King´s Call: Lion´s Den (Eng)
2013-10-12 Facebreaker: Dedicated to the Flesh (Eng)
2013-10-12 Black Star Riders: All Hell´s Breaking Loose (Eng)
2013-10-12 Stala & So: Play Another Round (Eng)
2013-09-15 The Burning Crows: Behind the Veil (Eng)
2013-09-01 Death Dealer; War Master (Eng)
2013-09-01 Robin Beck: Underneath (Eng)
2013-09-01 Duskmachine: S/T (Eng)
2013-08-29 King Kobra: II (Eng)
2013-08-29 Whitesnake: Made in Britain (Eng)
2013-08-23 Fun teasers from Annihilator, release of "Feast" is today! (Eng)
2013-08-23 Annihilator: Feast DeLuxe (Eng)
2013-08-23 Manowar: The Lord of Steel Live EP (Eng)
2013-08-18 Johansson & Speckmann: Sulphur Skies (Eng)
2013-08-18 Master: Unknown Soldier - Unreleased 1985 Album (Swe)
2013-08-18 Manowar: Warriors of the World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition (Eng)
2013-08-18 Blackmore´s Night: Dancer and the Moon (Eng)
2013-08-18 Pat Travers: Can Do (Eng)
2013-08-04 Skid Row: United World Rebellion - Chapter One (Eng)
2013-08-04 The Poodles: Tour de Force (Eng)
2013-08-04 Deadlands: Evilution (Eng)
2013-08-03 Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas (Eng)
2013-08-03 Lawless: Rock Savage (Eng)
2013-08-03 Jorn: Traveller (Eng)
2013-08-02 DEMONICAL announce new line-up! (Eng)
2013-08-02 BODYFARM: New song revealed! (Eng)
2013-07-23 Saffire: From Ashes to Fire (Eng)
2013-07-23 Giuntini Project: IV (Eng)
2013-07-23 M:Pire of Evil: Crucified (Eng)
2013-07-23 Snowfall: Cold Silence (Eng)
2013-07-07 Deep Purple: Now What?! (Eng)
2013-07-07 Vicious Rumors: Electric Punishment (Eng)
2013-07-07 Sodom: Epitome of Torture (Eng)
2013-07-07 Kingdome Come: Outlier (Eng)
2013-06-30 Minotaurus: The Call (Eng)
2013-06-28 Powerworld: Cybersteria (Eng)
2013-06-28 Burning Rain: Epic Obsession (Eng)
2013-06-26 Huntress: Starbound Beast (Eng)
2013-06-26 Timo Tolkki´s Avalon: The Land of New Hope (Eng)
2013-06-26 Vindictiv: Cage of Infinity (Eng)
2013-06-23 LA Guns: Tango on Sunset Strip (Hollywood Forever) (Eng)
2013-06-23 Brian Connolly´s Sweet: Let´s Do It Again (All the Hits and More) (Eng)
2013-06-07 Fair Warning: Sundancer (Eng)
2013-06-07 Anton Johansson´s Galahad Suite: S/T (Eng)
2013-06-07 Gloryhammer: Tales from the Kingdom of Fife (Eng)
2013-06-07 Airless: Changes (Eng)
2013-05-24 Burning Rain: Pleasure to Burn (Eng)
2013-05-24 Burning Rain: S/T (Eng)
2013-05-23 Whitesnake: Made in Japan (Eng)
2013-05-23 N.O.W.: Bohemian Kingdom (Eng)
2013-05-02 Redrum: Victims of Our Circumstances (Eng)
2013-05-02 Stryper: Second Coming (Eng)
2013-05-02 Code of Silence: Dark Skies Over Babylon (Swe)
2013-05-02 Night Ranger: Big in Japan (Eng)
2013-05-02 Molly Hatchet: Paying Tribute (Eng)
2013-04-23 Pretty Maids: Motherland (Eng)
2013-04-23 Sebastian Bach: ABachalypse Now (Eng)
2013-04-21 Astronomikon: Dark Gorgon Rising (Eng)
2013-04-21 Rocky Shades´ Wildside Riot: No Second Take (Eng)
2013-04-21 Hatriot: Heroes of Origin (Eng)
2013-04-21 Audrey Horne: Youngblood (Eng)
2013-04-09 Shannon: Circus of Lost Souls (Eng)
2013-04-09 Raven Lord: Descent to the Underworld (Eng)
2013-04-09 Heavatar: Opus I - All My Kingdoms (Eng)
2013-04-09 Mortillery: Origin of Extinction (Eng)
2013-04-09 Damnation Angels: Bringer of Light (Eng)
2013-03-03 Rage of Angels: Dreamworld (Eng)
2013-03-03 Jorn: Symphonic (Eng)
2013-02-28 Tainted Nation: F.E.A.R. (Eng)
2013-02-28 Edge: Heaven Knows (Eng)
2013-02-28 Crashdiet: The Savage Playground (Eng)
2013-02-28 Giant X: I (Eng)
2013-02-28 Royal Hunt: 20th Anniversary - Special Edition (Eng)
2013-02-17 Widowmaker: S/T (Eng)
2013-02-17 Pinnick Gales Pridgen: S/T (Eng)
2013-02-17 Pink Cream 69: Ceremonial (Eng)
2013-02-17 Steel Raiser: Regeneration (Eng)
2013-02-17 Wishbone Ash: Live in Geneva 1995 (Eng)
2013-02-11 Screamer: Phoenix (Eng)
2013-02-11 Witchgrave: S/T (Eng)
2013-02-07 Deep Machine: Whispers in the Black EP (Eng)
2013-02-07 Amon-Ra: In the Company of the Gods (Eng)
2013-02-07 Adorned Brood: Kuningaz (Eng)
2013-02-07 Dirt: Rock´n´Roll Accident (Eng)
2013-02-07 Ten: Heresy and Creed (Swe)
2013-02-07 Infinite Translation: Masked Reality (Eng)
2013-02-03 Weapons to Hunt: Blessed in Sin (Eng)
2013-02-03 Lover Under Cover: Set the Night on Fire (Eng)
2013-02-03 Razzmattazz: Rock´n´Roll Hero (Eng)
2013-01-31 Snakecharmer: S/T (Eng)
2013-01-29 Helloween: Straight Out of Hell (Eng)
2013-01-29 Asia: Resonance - Live in Basel (Eng)
2013-01-29 Neal Schon: The Calling (Eng)
2013-01-28 Eyefear: The Inception of Darkness (Eng)
2013-01-26 Best of 2012, what I hope you will remember from a productive year in music (Swe)
2013-01-26 Speaking to Stones: Elements (Eng)
2013-01-24 Saxon: Sacrifice (Swe)
2013-01-24 Phoenix Rising: On the Loose (Eng)
2013-01-24 A Perfect Day: S/T (Eng)
2013-01-04 Fullforce: Next Level (Eng)
2013-01-04 Ex Deo: Caligvla (Eng)
2013-01-04 Huntress: Spell Eater (Eng)
2012-12-31 Vicious Rumors: LIVE You to Death (Eng)
2012-12-31 Vanderbuyst: Flying Dutchmen (Eng)
2012-12-31 Mystery Blue: Conquer the World (Eng)
2012-12-31 Soleil Moon: On the Way to Everything (Eng)
2012-12-31 Night Ranger: 24 Strings and a Drummer - Live and Accoustic (Eng)
2012-12-31 Paragon: Force of Destruction (Eng)
2012-12-31 Electric Light Orchestra: Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best of ELO (Eng)
2012-12-31 Jeff Lynne: Long Wave (Eng)
2012-12-23 Y&T: Live at the Mystic (Eng)
2012-12-23 Civilization One: Calling the Gods (Eng)
2012-12-23 Jimi Jamison: Never Too Late (Eng)
2012-12-23 Pride of Lions: Immortal (Eng)
2012-12-23 Lord of Mushrooms: Perspectives (Eng)
2012-12-09 Issa: Can´t Stop (Eng)
2012-12-09 Nubian Rose: Mountain (Eng)
2012-12-09 Macbeth: Wiedergänger (Eng)
2012-12-09 Hysterica The Art of Metal (Eng)
2012-11-29 Red Lamb: S/T (Eng)
2012-11-29 Sinister: The Carnage Ending (Eng)
2012-11-29 The Graviators: Evil Deeds (Eng)
2012-11-23 Son of a Bitch: Victim You (Eng)
2012-11-15 Dawn of Winter: The Skull of the Sorcerer (Eng)
2012-11-15 Impera: Legacy of Life (Eng)
2012-11-15 KIX: Live in Baltimore (Eng)
2012-11-15 Unchained: Oncoming Chaos (Eng)
2012-11-15 Puteraeon: Call Cthulu (Eng)
2012-11-10 Love.Might.Kill: 2 Big 2 Fail (Eng)
2012-11-10 Thrustor: Abyssmal Fear (Eng)
2012-11-10 Liv Kristine: Libertine (Eng)
2012-11-10 Hess: Living in Yesterday (Eng)
2012-11-10 Loverboy: Rock´n´Roll Revival (Eng)
2012-11-02 T&N: Slave to the Empire (Eng)
2012-11-02 Manowar: The Lord of Steel (Eng)
2012-10-21 Fogalord: A Legend to Believe In (Eng)
2012-10-21 Razorvyre: Another Dimension (Eng)
2012-10-21 Vexillum: The Bivouac (Eng)
2012-10-21 Redline: Vice (Eng)
2012-10-21 Circus Maximus: Nine (Eng)
2012-10-04 Obsession: Order of Chaos (Eng)
2012-10-04 Grave Digger: Clash of the Gods (Eng)
2012-10-04 Bonrud: Save Tomorrow (Eng)
2012-10-04 The 11th Hour: Lacrima Mortis (Eng)
2012-09-30 Dokken: Broken Bones (Eng)
2012-09-30 The Order: 1986 (Eng)
2012-09-30 Oxygen: Final Warning (Eng)
2012-09-30 Voices of Destiny: Power Dive (Eng)
2012-09-17 Grave Digger: Home at Last EP (Eng)
2012-09-15 Magnum: On the 13th Day (Eng)
2012-09-15 Tygers of Pan Tang: Ambush (Eng)
2012-09-15 Virgin Steele: Life Among the Ruins (Eng)
2012-09-15 Graveyard: Altar of Sculptured Skulls (Eng)
2012-09-15 Fatal Smile: 21st Century Freaks (Eng)
2012-09-01 Triumph: Live at Sweden Rock Festival (Eng)
2012-09-01 Eclipse: Bleed and Scream (Eng)
2012-09-01 Player: Addiction EP (Eng)
2012-08-30 Book of Reflections: Relentless Fighter (Eng)
2012-08-30 Kill Devil Hill: S/T (Eng)
2012-08-28 Lita Ford: Living Like a Runaway (Eng)
2012-08-28 Wild Frontier: 2012 (Eng)
2012-08-25 Wigelius: Reinventions (Eng)
2012-08-25 Trixter: New Audio Machine (Eng)
2012-08-24 Richard Marx: Inside My Head (Eng)
2012-08-24 Striker: Armed to the Teeth (Eng)
2012-08-24 Dusan Petrossi´s Iron Mask: Hordes of the Brave (Eng)
2012-08-24 Pretty Maids: It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland) (Eng)
2012-08-22 Black Majesty: Stargazer (Eng)
2012-08-14 The Grotesquery: The Facts and Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton - Tsathoggua Tales (Eng)
2012-08-14 Silent Opera: Immortal Beauty (Eng)
2012-08-13 Zombiefication: Reaper´s Consecration (Eng)
2012-08-13 Crazy Lixx: Riot Avenue (Eng)
2012-08-08 Blackmore´s Night: A Knight in York (Eng)
2012-08-08 Empire: Trading Souls (Eng)
2012-08-08 Asia: XXX (Eng)
2012-07-31 Wig Wam: Wall Street (Eng)
2012-07-31 Jeff Scott Soto: Damage Control (Eng)
2012-07-31 5 Star Grave: Drugstore Hell (Eng)
2012-07-31 Deride: The Void (Eng)
2012-07-31 Donnie Vie: Wrapped Around My Middle Finger (Eng)
2012-07-30 Ian Gillan/Tony Iommi: Who Cares (Swe)
2012-07-30 Helldorados: S/T (Eng)
2012-07-30 Polution: Beyond Control (Eng)
2012-07-30 Catamenia: The Rewritten Chapters (Eng)
2012-07-27 Oliver Dawson Saxon: Motorbiker (Eng)
2012-07-27 Dragony: Legends (Eng)
2012-07-27 Nick Simper & Nasty Habit: Live at Szene Vienna (Eng)
2012-07-22 Jorn: Bring Heavy Rock to the Land (Eng)
2012-06-16 Pelle K: Bag of Tricks (Eng)
2012-06-16 69 Chambers: Torque (Eng)
2012-06-16 Axel Rudi Pell: Circle of the Oath (Eng)
2012-06-13 Hardline: Danger Zone (Eng)
2012-06-13 Vengeance: Crystal Eye (Swe)
2012-06-13 Winter´s Verge: Beyond Vengeance (Eng)
2012-06-13 Davidian: Our Fear Is Their Force (Eng)
2012-06-07 Candlemass: Psalms for the Dead (Eng)
2012-06-07 Hydrogyn: Private Sessions (Eng)
2012-06-07 Status Minor: Ouroboros (Eng)
2012-06-07 End of September: S/T (Eng)
2012-06-07 Carmen Grey: Gates of Loneliness (Eng)
2012-06-06 Miseration: Tragedy Has Spoken (Eng)
2012-05-30 Empires of Eden: Channelling the Infinite (Eng)
2012-05-30 Michael Thompson Band: Future Past (Eng)
2012-05-30 Departure: Hitch a Ride (Eng)
2012-05-30 Jack Blades: Rock´n´Roll Ride (Eng)
2012-05-24 Phenomena: Awakening (Eng)
2012-05-24 Fair Warning: Best and More (Eng)
2012-05-24 Mike Paradine Group: Death in the Family (Eng)
2012-05-17 Great White: Elation (Eng)
2012-05-17 Freedom Call: Land of the Crimson Dawn (Eng)
2012-05-17 UFO: Seven Deadly (Eng)
2012-05-17 Prey for Nothing: Against All Good and Evil (Eng)
2012-05-17 Ancara: Chasing Shadows (Eng)
2012-05-16 Darkness by Oath: Near Death Experience (Eng)
2012-05-16 Blessed Curse: S/T (Eng)
2012-05-16 Andromeda: Manifest Tyranny (Eng)
2012-05-16 House of Shakira: HoS (Eng)
2012-05-11 Vendetta: World Under Fire (Eng)
2012-05-11 Beyond the Bridge: The Old Man and the Spirit (Eng)
2012-05-10 Lars Eric Mattsson: Obsession (Eng)
2012-05-10 Human Temple: Halfway to Heartache (Eng)
2012-05-09 Mr Big: Live from the Living Room (Eng)
2012-05-09 Tyketto: Dig in Deep (Eng)
2012-05-01 Running Wild: Shadowmaker (Eng)
2012-05-01 Mad Max: Another Night of Passion (Eng)
2012-04-29 Last Kingdom: Chronicles of the North (Eng)
2012-04-26 Bang Tango: Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt (Eng)
2012-04-26 Last Autumn´s Dream: Nine Lives (Eng)
2012-01-27 The Moor: The Moor EP (Swe)
2012-01-27 Get the new VOICES OF DESTINY album "Power Dive" for only Eur 5! (Swe)
2012-01-26 Iron Fire: Voyage of the Damned (Swe)
2012-01-25 Persona Non Grata: Quantum Leap (Eng)
2012-01-25 Ulverheim: När Dimman Lättar (Eng)
2012-01-23 Primal Fear: Unbreakable (Eng)
2012-01-23 Lee Small: Jamaica Inn (Eng)
2012-01-21 Consortium Project II: Continuum in Extremis (Eng)
2012-01-21 MFC Dragonslayer All Star Project: Let´s Unite in Rock (Eng)
2012-01-21 Myon: Call of the Senses (single) (Eng)
2012-01-21 Dead to This World: Sacrifice (Eng)
2012-01-21 Yes: In the Present - Live From Lyon (Eng)
2012-01-21 Hatesphere: The Great Bludgeoning (Eng)
2012-01-21 Oriz: II (Eng)
2012-01-20 Mollo/Martin: The Third Cage (Eng)
2012-01-20 Himora: Argue All You Want (Eng)
2012-01-17 John Du Cann: The Many Sides of - 1967 to 1980 (Eng)
2012-01-11 Kambrium: Shadowpath (Eng)
2012-01-11 Dying Humanity: Living on the Razor´s Edge (Eng)
2012-01-11 Descending: New Death Celebrity (Eng)
2011-12-31 Theocracy: As the World Bleeds (Eng)
2011-12-31 December Flower: When All Life Ends... (Eng)
2011-12-30 Crossfade: Secret Love (Eng)
2011-12-30 Golden Resurrection: Man with a Mission (Eng)
2011-12-30 The Devil´s Blood: The Thousandfold Epicentre (Eng)
2011-12-30 Ancient Bards: Soulless Child (Eng)
2011-12-30 Coronatus: Terra Incognita (Eng)
2011-12-30 Bastard Priest: Ghouls of the Endless Night (Swe)
2011-12-29 Mystic Prophecy: Ravenlord (Eng)
2011-12-29 Vanderbuyst: In Dutch (Eng)
2011-12-29 Nemesea: The Quiet Resistance (Eng)
2011-12-29 Lucky Thir13n: March of the Young (Eng)
2011-12-29 Lord Volture: Never Cry Wolf (Eng)
2011-12-25 What Santa should have filled your stockings with... (Swe)
2011-12-22 Strangeways: Age of Reason (Eng)
2011-12-22 Vendetta: Feed the Extermination (Eng)
2011-12-22 Nightwish: Imaginaerum (Eng)
2011-12-22 Awake: Forever More (Eng)
2011-12-22 Mythological Cold Towers: Immemorial (Eng)
2011-12-22 Rob Mancini: Rock´n´Roll Circus (Eng)
2011-12-21 Krux III: He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars (Eng)
2011-12-21 Royal Hunt: Show Me How to Live (Eng)
2011-12-21 Beggars & Thieves (Eng)
2011-12-21 Talon: III (Eng)
2011-12-20 Elm Street: Barbed Wire Metal (Eng)
2011-12-20 Hate Squad: Katharsis (Eng)
2011-12-20 My Black Light: Human Maze (Eng)
2011-12-14 Seventh Wave: Things to Come + psi-fi (Eng)
2011-12-14 Rush: Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland (Eng)
2011-11-29 Jack Starr´s Burning Starr: Land of the Dead (Eng)
2011-11-29 Cage: Supremacy of Steel (Eng)
2011-11-29 Mastercastle: Dangerous Diamonds (Eng)
2011-11-25 Diabolus Dust: Ruins of Mankind (Eng)
2011-11-25 Trillium: Alloy (Eng)
2011-11-23 Issa: The Storm (Eng)
2011-11-23 Mourning Caress: Deep Wounds, Bright Scars (Eng)
2011-11-23 Devil: Time to Repent (Eng)
2011-11-23 Cornerstone: Somewhere in America (Eng)
2011-11-23 Rough Angel: Hear the Angels Rock (Eng)
2011-11-23 Rex Mundi: IHVH (Eng)
2011-11-23 Nunfuckritual: In Bondage to the Serpent (Eng)
2011-11-20 The Magnificent: S/T (Eng)
2011-11-20 Vain: Enough Rope (Eng)
2011-11-16 Mecca: Undeniable (Eng)
2011-11-16 Sandstone: Cultural Dissonance (Eng)
2011-11-16 Consortium Project 1: Criminals & Kings (Eng)
2011-11-16 Lonely Kamel: Dust Devil (Eng)
2011-11-16 Bobby Kimball Jimi Jamison: S/T (Eng)
2011-11-16 Saltatio Mortis: Sturm aufs Paradies (Eng)
2011-11-12 Mastodon: The Hunter (Eng)
2011-11-12 Boguslaw Balceraks Crylord: Blood of the Prophets (Eng)
2011-11-12 Danny Neubecker: Here I Am (Eng)
2011-11-12 Elias Viljanen: Taking the Lead (Eng)
2011-11-08 Thulcandra: Under a Frozen Sun (Eng)
2011-11-08 Nachtblut: Antik (Eng)
2011-11-04 Bitches Sin: The Rapture (Eng)
2011-11-04 Hard Stuff: Bolex Dementia (Eng)
2011-11-04 Hard Stuff: Bulletproof (Eng)
2011-11-04 Bitches Sin: Time What Is Time Interview (Swe)
2011-11-03 Visions of Atlantis: Maria Magdalena EP (Eng)
2011-11-03 Majesty: Own the Crown (Eng)
2011-11-03 Fergie Frederiksen: Happiness Is the Road (Eng)
2011-11-03 Paganizer: Into the Catacombs (Eng)
2011-11-03 Isole: Born from Shadows (Eng)
2011-11-02 Chris Ousey: Rhyme & Reason (Eng)
2011-11-02 Megadeth: Th1rt3en (Eng)
2011-11-02 Arven: Music of Light (Eng)
2011-10-24 Unhertz: Herzschlag (Eng)
2011-10-24 Criminal: Akelarre (Eng)
2011-10-24 Kittie: I´ve Failed You (Eng)
2011-10-21 Gary John Barden: Eleventh Hour (Eng)
2011-10-21 Consortium Project 1: Criminals & Kings (Eng)
2011-10-21 Messenger: See You in Hell (Eng)
2011-10-20 Robin George´s LovePower: LovePower and Peace (Swe)
2011-10-20 Nightrage: Don´t Go Gentle into That Good Night (Swe)
2011-10-14 Keep an eye out for the new BITCHES SIN album "The Rapture" (Swe)
2011-10-14 Saracen: Marilyn (Eng)
2011-10-14 House of Lords: Big Money (Eng)
2011-10-14 Sebastian Bach: Kicking & Screaming (Eng)
2011-10-13 Zombie Inc.: A Dreadful Disease (Eng)
2011-10-13 Van Canto: Break the Silence (Eng)
2011-10-11 Shy: Shy (Eng)
2011-10-09 Nightrage: Insidious (Eng)
2011-10-05 Holy Force: S/T (Swe)
2011-10-05 Silverdollar: Morte (Eng)
2011-09-30 Brainstorm: On the Spur of the Moment (Eng)
2011-09-30 Uriah Heep: Live in Armenia (Eng)
2011-09-24 Stala & So: It Is So (Eng)
2011-09-24 Sons of Seasons: Magnisphyricon (Eng)
2011-09-19 Niels Vejlyt: Sthenic (Eng)
2011-09-18 The Wheel: S/T (Eng)
2011-09-18 Ilium: Genetic Memory (Eng)
2011-09-17 Unique Live webcast curtesy of Magna Carta Records (Swe)
2011-09-17 GRAU Music announces signing Norwegian cult doom-sters FUNERAL (Swe)
2011-09-14 Brainstorm: Meet the Four Roses Band - Interview (Eng)
2011-09-14 Work of Art: In Progress (Eng)
2011-09-14 Hunted: Welcome the Dead (Eng)
2011-09-14 Arkona: Slovo (Eng)
2011-09-12 Furor Gallico: S/T (Eng)
2011-09-12 Svartsot: Maledictus Eris (Eng)
2011-09-12 Ball of Mayhem: H - Part One of H.A.T.E (Eng)
2011-09-10 Consfearacy Interview Spreading the ...Fear (Eng)
2011-09-10 Metal Webcast history in the making! Magna Carta proudly presents... (Swe)
2011-09-10 Mourning Caress New song featuring Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquility posted online (Swe)
2011-09-08 The Android Meme - A New Lifeform in Metal (Eng)
2011-09-02 Toby Hitchcook: Mercury´s Down (Eng)
2011-09-02 Solitude Aeturnus: In Times of Solitude (Eng)
2011-09-02 Xorigin: State of the Art (Eng)
2011-09-02 Jorn: Live in Black (Eng)
2011-09-02 Skálmöld: Baldur (Eng)
2011-08-19 Swedish Hits Goes Metal: S/T (Eng)
2011-08-19 StoneLake: Marching on Timeless Tales (Eng)
2011-08-19 Icon In Me: Head Break Solution (Eng)
2011-08-19 Schattenreich: Von Gedieh und Verderb (Eng)
2011-08-19 Kampfar: Mare (Eng)
2011-08-19 Massacre comment on the Saviour Machine situation (Swe)
2011-08-17 Abrasive: The Birth ... Born in Sodom (Eng)
2011-08-11 Virtual Mind: Shattred Existence (Eng)
2011-08-11 Voodoo Highway: Broken Uncle´s Inn (Eng)
2011-08-08 Seventribe: Dream Me (Swe)
2011-08-02 Bridger: S/T (Eng)
2011-08-02 Rival Sons: Pressure and Time (Eng)
2011-08-02 Riverge: Rebirth of Skull (Eng)
2011-07-31 Draconian: A Rose for the Apokalypse (Eng)
2011-07-31 Marienbad: Werk 1: Nachtfall (Eng)
2011-07-29 Human Zoo: Eyes of the Stranger (Eng)
2011-07-29 Consfearacy: S/T (Eng)
2011-07-29 Arachnes: A New Day (Eng)
2011-07-17 James Byrd´s Atlantic Rising: Beyond the Pillars (Eng)
2011-07-17 Consortium Project V: Species (Eng)
2011-07-17 Young Blood: Transfusion (Eng)
2011-07-17 Exeloume: Fairytale of Perversion (Swe)
2011-07-16 Airrace: Back to the Start (Eng)
2011-07-16 Yes: Fly From Here (Eng)
2011-07-16 Stream of Passion: Darker Days (Eng)
2011-07-16 Nya låtar från ZOMBIE INC. och CRIMINAL finns på... (Swe)
2011-07-15 John Wetton: Raised in Captivity (Eng)
2011-07-14 Luther Grosvenor: If You Dare (Eng)
2011-07-14 The Android Meme: Ordo Ab Chao (Eng)
2011-07-14 Catalepsy: Bleed (Eng)
2011-07-10 Deviant Syndrome: Inflicted Deviations (Eng)
2011-07-10 Doom Unit: The Burden of Bloom (Eng)
2011-07-10 Doom Unit: The Burden of Bloom (Eng)
2011-07-10 Alestorm Riding the Storm (Eng)
2011-07-04 Embrace the Sun - The Lion Music Japan Benefit Project (Eng)
2011-07-04 Manic Depression: Impending Collapse (Eng)
2011-07-02 Ny video från Stonelake, "Red Canyon" (Swe)
2011-07-01 Rob Moratti: Victory (Eng)
2011-07-01 Sun Caged: The Lotus Effect (Eng)
2011-07-01 Love.Might.Kill: Brace for Impact (Eng)
2011-06-26 Def Leppard: Mirror Ball - Live & More (Eng)
2011-06-24 ReinXeed: 1912 (Eng)
2011-06-23 Alyson Avenue: Changes (Eng)
2011-06-23 Necrovorous: Funeral for the Sane (Eng)
2011-06-19 Night Ranger: Somewhere in California (Eng)
2011-06-19 Lionville: S/T (Eng)
2011-06-19 Legio Mortis: The Human Creation and the Devil´s Contribution (Eng)
2011-06-18 Whitesnake: Live at Donnington 1990 (Eng)
2011-06-18 Sanchez: Run the Streets (Eng)
2011-06-17 Jerusalem: She (Eng)
2011-06-17 Supreme Pain: Divine Incantation (Eng)
2011-06-17 Garagedays: Dark and Cold (Eng)
2011-06-16 Stormwarrior: Heathen Warrior (Eng)
2011-06-15 Stormwarrior The Warrior Conquers All Interview (Eng)
2011-06-11 Alestorm: Back Through Time (Eng)
2011-06-11 Karma To Burn: V (Eng)
2011-06-11 David Roberts: Better Late Than Never (Eng)
2011-06-11 Journey: Eclipse (Swe)
2011-06-09 IF ONLY: No Bed of Roses (Eng)
2011-06-09 Arkona: Stenka Na Stenku EP (Eng)
2011-06-09 Battle Beast: Steel (Eng)
2011-06-05 Seven Witches: Call Upon the Wicked (Eng)
2011-06-05 David Roberts: The Missing Years (Eng)
2011-06-05 David Roberts: All Dressed Up (Eng)
2011-06-04 Circle of Silence: The Blackened Halo (Eng)
2011-06-04 George & G: So Much to Say (Eng)
2011-06-04 Insidead: Chaos ElecDead (Eng)
2011-06-03 Private Angel: Nailed! (Eng)
2011-06-03 King of Hearts: 1989 (Eng)
2011-06-03 Poisonblack: Drive (Swe)
2011-06-02 Electric Boys: And Them Boys Done Swang (Eng)
2011-06-02 Leaves´ Eyes: Meredead (Eng)
2011-06-02 Midnattsol: The Metamorphosis Melody (Eng)
2011-06-02 X Opus: The Epiphany (Eng)
2011-06-02 Sacred Legacy: Undying Heart (Eng)
2011-05-31 Tyr: The Lay of Thyrm (Eng)
2011-05-31 Illdisposed: There Is Light (But It´s Not For Me) (Eng)
2011-05-31 Divinefire: Eye of the Storm (Swe)
2011-05-28 Borealis: Fall From Grace (Eng)
2011-05-27 Skansis: Leaving You (Eng)
2011-05-27 Shadowman: Watching Over You (Eng)
2011-05-27 Sacred Dawn: A Madness Within (Eng)
2011-05-25 Hard: Even Keel (Eng)
2011-05-20 ceRebral bore: Maniacal Miscreation (Eng)
2011-05-19 Warrant: Rockaholic (Swe)
2011-05-19 Black N Blue: Hell Yeah (Swe)
2011-05-17 Lars Erik Mattsson: Aurora Borealis - The Interview (Eng)
2011-05-17 Visions of Atlantis: Delta (Eng)
2011-05-13 Drakar: Let Draka/Flight of the Dragon (Swe)
2011-05-13 Uriah Heep: Into the Wild (Swe)
2011-05-13 Pylon: Armoury of God (Eng)
2011-05-13 King Kobra: S/T (Swe)
2011-05-05 Serenity: Death & Legacy (Eng)
2011-05-05 Maim: Decease to Exist (Eng)
2011-05-03 The Poodles: Performocracy (Swe)
2011-05-03 Imperia: Secret Passion (Eng)
2011-04-29 Conflicted: Never Be Tamed (Eng)
2011-04-29 Impiety: The Advent of... (Swe)
2011-04-29 Hades: Live on Location (Eng)
2011-04-27 Hades: If at First You Don´t Succeed (Eng)
2011-04-25 Lars Eric Mattsson: Aurora Borealis (Swe)
2011-04-25 The Citadel: A Passage Through Eternity (Swe)
2011-04-25 Malison Rogue: S/T (Swe)
2011-04-21 Days of Anger Serious Days Interview (Swe)
2011-04-21 Days of Anger: Death Path (Eng)
2011-04-19 POWER QUEST: Back with a Vengeance (Eng)
2011-04-16 Glen Drover: Metalusion (Eng)
2011-04-16 Cauldron: Burning Fortune (Eng)
2011-04-15 Hades: Resisting Success (Re-release + Bonus) (Eng)
2011-04-15 Grave Digger: The Ballad of Mary EP (Eng)
2011-04-13 Demonical: Death Infernal (Swe)
2011-04-09 Backdraft: This Heaven Goes to Eleven (Swe)
2011-04-06 Demonical: Swedish Death Metal Darkness Supreme (Eng)
2011-04-06 Power Quest: Blood Alliance (Eng)
2011-04-06 V/A: War Horses- Angel Air Rocks (Eng)
2011-04-02 No Gravity: Worlds in Collision (Eng)
2011-04-02 Twinspirits: Legacy (Eng)
2011-03-30 40 Watt Sun: The Inside Room (Eng)
2011-03-24 Whitesnake: Forevermore (Swe)
2011-03-23 Tangent Plane: Project Elimi (Eng)
2011-03-22 Fireforce: March On (Eng)
2011-03-22 Falkenbach: Tiurida (Eng)
2011-03-21 Tygers of Pan Tang: The Spellbound Sessions 30th Anniversary (Eng)
2011-03-21 But We Try It: Dead Lights (Eng)
2011-03-20 Marsupium Massacre: Hydrocephalus (Swe)
2011-03-18 Zero Illusions: Oblivion (Swe)
2011-03-16 Flotsam and Jetsam: The Cold (Swe)
2011-03-12 Katanga: Moonchild (Eng)
2011-03-12 Six Reasons to Kill: Architects of Perfection (Eng)
2011-03-10 Legion of the Damned: Descent Into Chaos (Eng)
2011-03-10 Sparzanza: Folie à Cinq (Swe)
2011-03-04 Massacre Records pre-listening (Swe)
2011-02-22 Artas: Riotology (Eng)
2011-02-22 Battelore: Doombound (Eng)
2011-02-20 Scheepers: S/T (Swe)
2011-02-20 Ten: Stormwarning (Swe)
2011-02-19 Auction of a Signed PRS Guitar, signed by a.o. GARY MOORE (Swe)
2011-02-19 Mournblade: Anthology - Vol 1 (Eng)
2011-02-18 Praying Mantis: Metalmorphosis (Eng)
2011-02-16 Last Autumns Dream: Yes (Swe)
2011-02-14 Before the Dawn: Decade of Darkness EP (Swe)
2011-02-12 Korpiklaani: Ukon Wacka (Swe)
2011-02-12 Desultory: Stone Death Forever (Swe)
2011-02-10 Mr Big: What If... (Swe)
2011-02-10 Sideblast: Cocoon (Eng)
2011-02-07 Puteraeon: The Esoteric Order (Eng)
2011-02-04 Deathening: Finlir och råsopar (Swe)
2011-02-04 Deathening: Open Up and Swallow (Swe)
2011-02-04 Infinity Overture: The Infinity Overture Pt 1 (Swe)
2011-02-03 New video clip from Massacre Records; INSIDEAD -CHAOS ELECDEAD (Eng)
2011-01-30 Massacre Records Pre-Listening (Eng)
2011-01-29 Seventh Wonder: The Great Escape (Swe)
2011-01-29 Conspiracy: Irremediable (Swe)
2011-01-23 John Waite: Rough & Tumble (Swe)
2011-01-22 Overdrive: Angelmaker (Swe)
2011-01-22 Hurtsmile: S/T (Swe)
2011-01-22 Putraeon The First of the Old School Order Intervju (Swe)
2011-01-21 Praying Mantis celebrate 30 years with a special EP (Eng)
2011-01-19 BURN The New Royalty of Rock (Swe)
2011-01-19 Desultory: Counting Our Scars (Eng)
2011-01-14 Dream of Illusion (Eng)
2011-01-14 Silver Lake: S/T (Eng)
2011-01-13 Burn: Rock Royale (Swe)
2011-01-13 Nachtgeschrei: Ardeo (Eng)
2011-01-10 Fejd: Eifur (Eng)
2011-01-10 Katra: Out of the Ashes (Eng)
2011-01-08 Mountain Throne: Serpent´s Heathland (Eng)
2011-01-08 Balfor: Barbaric Blood (Eng)
2011-01-06 Quintessence Mystica: The 5th Harmonic of Death (Eng)
2011-01-06 Seven Thorns: Return to the Past (Eng)
2011-01-06 Magic Kingdom: Symphony of War (Swe)
2011-01-04 Sinister: Legacy of Ashes (Eng)
2011-01-04 Darkwater: Where Stories End (Swe)
2011-01-04 Forbidden: Omega Wave (Swe)
2010-12-31 Facit till skivtomten 2010, i år blev de 11! (Swe)
2010-12-31 MIchael Harris: Tranz-Fused (Swe)
2010-12-31 Asia: Spirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 2009 (Swe)
2010-12-31 Shadowgarden: Ashen (Eng)
2010-12-31 Hell Militia: Last Station on the Road to Death (Swe)
2010-12-28 The Poodles: No Quarter (Swe)
2010-12-28 Bastard Priest: Under the Hammer of Destruction (Swe)
2010-12-28 Psycho Choke: Unravelling Chaos (Swe)
2010-12-22 December People: Rattle & Humbug (Eng)
2010-12-22 General Chaos: Calamity Circus (Eng)
2010-12-22 Victimizer: Tales of Loss and New Found Serenity (Eng)
2010-12-22 Algaion: Exthros (Swe)
2010-12-22 Malevolent Creation: Invidious Dominion (Swe)
2010-12-16 Nelson: Prefect Storm - After the rain World Tour 1991 (Swe)
2010-12-16 Evoken/Beneath the Frozen Soil Split CD (Swe)
2010-12-16 Dimmu Borgir: Abrahadabra (Swe)
2010-12-16 Samael: Antigod EP (Swe)
2010-12-11 Seven Thorns "Return to the Past" PR and Booking (Eng)
2010-12-09 Exciter Death by Violence and Force Interview (Eng)
2010-12-09 Exciter: Death Machine (Swe)
2010-12-09 Secret Sphere: Archetype (Swe)
2010-12-09 Day Six: The Grand Design (Swe)
2010-12-09 Xerión: Cantares Das Loitas Esquecidas (Swe)
2010-12-07 Jeff Scott Soto: Live at Firefest 2008 (Swe)
2010-12-07 Prime Suspect: S/T (Swe)
2010-12-05 Notorious: Radio Silence (Eng)
2010-12-01 Seventh Void: Heaven Is Gone (Eng)
2010-11-28 Allen/Lande: The Showdown (Swe)
2010-11-28 Mistheria: Dragon Fire (Swe)
2010-11-27 Vega: Kiss of Life (Swe)
2010-11-27 Dark Order: Cold War of the Condor (Swe)
2010-11-27 Issa: Sign of Angels (Swe)
2010-11-24 Minotaur: Power of Darkness (Swe)
2010-11-23 Nelson: Lightning Strikes Twice (Swe)
2010-11-23 Nelson: Before the Rain (Swe)
2010-11-23 Blipp-blopp-blopp, metal the MACHINAE SUPREMACY way (Swe)
2010-11-20 Jaldaboath: Rise of the Heraldic Beasts (Eng)
2010-11-18 Machinae Supremacy: A View From the End of the World (Swe)
2010-11-15 Stan Bush: Dream the Dream (Swe)
2010-11-15 First Signal: S/T (Swe)
2010-11-15 Facebreaker: Infected (Eng)
2010-11-14 Bullet: The Entrance to Hell (Eng)
2010-11-14 Iron Fire Metalmorphosized (Swe)
2010-11-14 Unruly Child: Worlds Collide (Swe)
2010-11-13 News from Massacre Records/Sinister and But We Try It (Eng)
2010-11-09 Murder Therapy; New album announced & video preview posted online (Eng)
2010-11-08 MALEVOLENT CREATION: Killing Is My Business…and We´re Doing Better than Ever! (Eng)
2010-11-07 Amorphis: Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years (Swe)
2010-11-07 Death Angel: Relentless Retribution (Swe)
2010-11-07 Evocation: Apocalyptic (Swe)
2010-11-02 Thornium: Fides Luciferius (Swe)
2010-11-02 Gloria Morti: Anthems of Annihilation (Swe)
2010-11-01 Grave Digger: Kilts Galore interview (Eng)
2010-10-30 Mirror of Deception: A Smouldering Fire (Eng)
2010-10-29 Praying Mantis - Celebrate 30th Anniversary with FREE DOWNLOAD! (Eng)
2010-10-28 New video by December People (Eng)
2010-10-25 Arstidir Lifsins: Jötunaheima Dolgfer (Swe)
2010-10-25 Morbid Carnage: Night Assassins (Swe)
2010-10-23 MIndsplit: Charmed Human Art of Significance (Swe)
2010-10-22 Anthriel: The Pathway (Swe)
2010-10-21 Atrocity Featuring Yasmin: After the Storm (Eng)
2010-10-21 Empty Tremor: Iridium (Eng)
2010-10-18 Robin George: Still On the Heartline (Eng)
2010-10-17 Robin George: Dangerous Music (Eng)
2010-10-16 Revolution Renaissance (Eng)
2010-10-16 Grave Digger: The Clans Will Rise Again (Eng)
2010-10-13 Strangeways: Perfect World (Swe)
2010-10-13 Vanderbuyst: S/T (Eng)
2010-10-12 Desultory re-releases! (Eng)
2010-10-10 Tristania: Rubicon (Eng)
2010-10-10 Boysetsfire back in action (Eng)
2010-10-09 Tauthr: Life-Losing (Swe)
2010-10-09 Terry Brock: Diamond Blue (Swe)
2010-10-09 Truppensturm: Salute to the Iron Emperors (Eng)
2010-10-09 Mammutant: Atomizer (Swe)
2010-10-05 Enemy of the Sun: Caedium (Eng)
2010-10-05 Decrepit Birth: Polarity (Eng)
2010-10-03 Unlight: Sulphurblooded (Swe)
2010-10-03 Eisregen: Schlangensonne (Swe)
2010-10-02 Two Fires: Burning Bright (Swe)
2010-10-02 Doomshine: The Piper at the Gates of Doom (Swe)
2010-09-30 Stray: Valhalla (Eng)
2010-09-29 Burden of Grief: Follow the Flames (Swe)
2010-09-27 Debt of Nature: Crush, Kill and Burn (Eng)
2010-09-23 Evocation New Song available @ Myspace (Eng)
2010-09-23 Facebreaker New Song available at Myspace (Eng)
2010-09-22 K2: Black Garden (Eng)
2010-09-20 KEEL: Reserves the Right to Rock in 2010 (Eng)
2010-09-19 Ghost Machinery: Out for Blood (Swe)
2010-09-19 Terra Nova: Come Alive (Swe)
2010-09-19 Mastercastle: Last Desire (Swe)
2010-09-18 Monster Magnet - The Mastermind Is Back Intervju (Swe)
2010-09-15 Interment: Into the Crypts of Blasphemy (Swe)
2010-09-15 Neverland: Ophidia (Swe)
2010-09-12 Dreylands: Rooms of Revelation (Swe)
2010-09-09 Cyril Achard: Violencia (Swe)
2010-09-08 Mattsson: Tango (Swe)
2010-09-04 Legendary punk rockers NoRMAhl signs with 7Hard (Eng)
2010-09-04 Nox Aurea: Ascending in Triumph (Eng)
2010-09-04 Disbelief: Heal (Swe)
2010-09-04 Minuetum: Haunted Spirit (Swe)
2010-09-02 Torny Harnell and the Mercury Train: Round Up (Swe)
2010-09-01 Grönholm: Eyewitness of Life (Swe)
2010-08-31 Iron Fate: Cast in Iron (Swe)
2010-08-31 The Prophecy²³: To the Pit (Swe)
2010-08-29 Accept: Blood of the Nations (Swe)
2010-08-29 Vanden Plas: The Seraphic Clockwork (Swe)
2010-08-26 Jorn: Dio (Swe)
2010-08-26 Salem: Playing God & Other Short Stories (Swe)
2010-08-26 New albums from 7Hard (Eng)
2010-08-21 Mael Mórdha: Manannán (Eng)
2010-08-21 Juvaliant: Inhuman Nature (Swe)
2010-08-18 Withershin: The Hungering Void EP (Swe)
2010-08-14 Crystal Tears: Generation X (Eng)
2010-08-13 Burden of Grief - Future and Influence of Grief (Eng)
2010-08-13 Alex Masi: Theory of Everything (Swe)
2010-08-13 Necronomicon: The Return of the Witch (Eng)
2010-08-10 The Foreshadowing: Oionos (Swe)
2010-08-10 Edenbridge: Solitaire (Eng)
2010-08-10 Zombiekrig: Undantagstillstånd (Swe)
2010-08-10 Decrepit Birth news (Eng)
2010-08-09 Fortíd: Völuspa Part III: Fall of the Ages (Swe)
2010-08-07 Black Majesty: In Your Honour (Swe)
2010-08-07 Empires of Eden: Reborn in Fire (Eng)
2010-08-05 Constantine: Shredcore (Eng)
2010-08-03 Rogga Johansson (DEMIURG) on the songs of ‘SLAKTHUS GAMLEBY’: (Eng)
2010-07-29 David Byron Band: On the Rocks (Swe)
2010-07-29 News from Darkseed (Eng)
2010-07-29 Empires of Eden on Youtube (Eng)
2010-07-29 Brand New track from Malevolent Creation (Eng)
2010-07-26 Danzig: Deth Red Sabaoth (Swe)
2010-07-16 Nutz: Tightened Up - Live in Nottingham 1977 (Eng)
2010-07-16 Demiurg: Slakthus Gamleby (Swe)
2010-07-14 V8 Wankers: Foxtail Testimonial (Eng)
2010-07-14 New BRUTUS track online! (Eng)
2010-07-13 Debt of Nature have a new song posted online (Eng)
2010-07-06 Darkseed release a making of at... (Eng)
2010-07-03 Kissin´ Dynamite: Addicted to Metal (Swe)
2010-07-03 Master: The Human Machine (Swe)
2010-07-01 Lacrimas Profundere: The Grandiose Nowhere (Eng)
2010-07-01 Primal Fear: Live in the USA (Swe)
2010-06-28 Demonica: Demonstrous (Swe)
2010-06-28 Pangea: Retrospectacular (Swe)
2010-06-24 MAGNA CARTA /"Let's Live For Today" TEMPEST Band Official Music Video (Eng)
2010-06-24 Levi/Werstler: Avalanche of Worms (Eng)
2010-06-24 Manticora to release 7th full-lenght albim in September (Eng)
2010-06-21 Negator: Panzer Metal (Eng)
2010-06-18 V/A: New World Man - A Tribute to Rush (Swe)
2010-06-18 Vince Neil: Tattoos and Tequila (Swe)
2010-06-16 Disbelief search new guitar player! (Eng)
2010-06-15 Non Opus Dei Signs with Witching Hour Productions (Eng)
2010-06-15 Crematory to celebrate their 30th Anniversary (Eng)
2010-06-12 Robin George; Crying Diamonds/Dangerous Music Live 85´ (Eng)
2010-06-10 Sex nya låtar från kommande releaser på Massacre Records (Swe)
2010-06-10 7Hard and Psycho Choke are proud to present the "Unraveling Chaos Recordings" Video and more statements from Olof Morck, Seth Siro Anton and (Eng)
2010-06-08 Savage Grace: After the Fall from Grace/Ride into the Night (Swe)
2010-06-08 New Coronatus videoclip on Massacre Records Youtube (Eng)
2010-06-05 Sean Peck to feature on the next Empires of Eden CD (Eng)
2010-06-05 Savage Grace: Master of Disguise/The Dominatress (Swe)
2010-06-02 Master: the MASTER Speaks! (Swe)
2010-06-02 Foghat: NOT Live at the BBC (Swe)
2010-06-02 Stray: New Dawn/Alive and Giggin´ (Eng)
2010-06-01 Triumph: Greatest Hits Remixed (Swe)
2010-05-31 V/A: The Crimson Covers - A Tribute to WASP (Swe)
2010-05-31 John Waite: In Real Time (Swe)
2010-05-29 7Hard Signs Minuetum (Bob Katsionis, Timo Tolkki) (Eng)
2010-05-28 Pretty Maids: Pandemonium (Swe)
2010-05-28 Psycho Choke have signed with 7Hard (Eng)
2010-05-27 Mortemia: Misere Mortem (Eng)
2010-05-25 Karma to Burn: Appalachian Incantation (Swe)
2010-05-24 Svartsot: Mulmets Viser (Eng)
2010-05-24 Heidevolk: Uit Oude Grond (Swe)
2010-05-23 Ereb Altor: The End (Eng)
2010-05-23 Van Canto: Tribe of Force (Eng)
2010-05-20 Realmbuilder: Summon the Stone Throwers (Swe)
2010-05-20 Jex Thoth: Witness (Swe)
2010-05-20 Tesla: Alive in Europe (Swe)
2010-05-19 Crazy Lixx: New Religion (Swe)
2010-05-17 Wintershin returns! (Eng)
2010-05-11 Treat: Coup de Grace (Swe)
2010-05-11 Crystal Tears: Generation X (Swe)
2010-05-11 Winter´s Verge: Tales of Tragedy (Swe)
2010-05-10 Section A: Sacrifice (Swe)
2010-05-10 Candlemass: Ashes to Ashes (Swe)
2010-05-07 Exodus: Exhibit B: The Human Condition (Swe)
2010-05-06 Mael Mordha Stream new song (Eng)
2010-05-03 Steve Grimmett appearing on Reborn in Fire, the forthcoming Empires of Eden CD (Swe)
2010-04-30 American Dog: Mean (Swe)
2010-04-30 Extreme: Take Us Alive (Swe)
2010-04-29 Life: Cocoon (Eng)
2010-04-29 Heavy Metal Kids: Hit the Right Button Plus (Swe)
2010-04-26 Excalion: High Time (Swe)
2010-04-26 The Graviators: S/T (Swe)
2010-04-26 Derdian: New Era Part 3: The Apocalypse (Swe)
2010-04-26 Jon Oliva´s Pain: Festival (Swe)
2010-04-18 Oblivious: Goons and Masters (Swe)
2010-04-16 Sacred Reich: Independent (Swe)
2010-04-13 Mastermind: Insomnia (Swe)
2010-04-06 Rick Springfield/Jeff Silverman: From the Vaults (Swe)
2010-04-06 Hellish Crossfire: Bloodrust Scythe (Swe)
2010-04-02 Brian Howe: Circus Bar (Swe)
2010-03-29 Rick Springfield: Venus in Overdrive+Live in Springfield (Swe)
2010-03-26 Track by Track special with Foreshadowing (Eng)
2010-03-14 Impulsia: Expression (Swe)
2010-03-14 Dawn of Silence: Wicked Saint or Righteous Sinner (Swe)
2010-03-14 Charly Sahona: Naked Thoughts from a Silent Chaos (Swe)
2010-03-14 Orden Ogan: Easton Hope (Swe)
2010-03-06 Spit Like This: We Won´t Hurt You (But We Won´t Go Away) (Swe)
2010-03-05 The Grotesquery: Tales of the Coffin Born (Swe)
2010-03-03 Marshall Law: Power Game (Swe)
2010-02-26 White Lightning: Midnight Approaches/Paradise... at a Price (Swe)
2010-02-26 The Wounded Kings: The Shadow over Atlantis (Swe)
2010-02-22 Interview with Alan Tecchio of Autumn Hour (Swe)
2010-02-22 Autumn Hour: Dethroned (Swe)
2010-02-20 Vermin: Define: Devine (Swe)
2010-02-12 Sacrifice: The Ones I Condemn (Swe)
2010-02-12 Overkill: Ironbound (Swe)
2010-02-08 Rage: Strings to a Web (Swe)
2010-02-06 Keel: Streets of Rock´n´Roll (Swe)
2010-02-06 Keel: The Right to Rock - 25th Anniversary Edition (Swe)
2010-02-02 WIG WAM: Non Stop Rock´n´Roll (Swe)
2010-02-02 Bruce Kulic: BK3 (Swe)
2010-01-30 Iron Mask: Shadow of the Red Baron (Swe)
2010-01-30 Missing Tide: Follow the Dreamer (Swe)
2010-01-30 Prey: Nights of the Revolution (Swe)
2010-01-30 The Dreamside: Lunar Nature (Swe)
2010-01-30 Acacia Avenue: S/T (Swe)
2010-01-30 The Murder of My Sweet: Divanity (Swe)
2010-01-30 Borislav Mitic: The Absolute (Swe)
2010-01-24 The Kandidate: Until We Are Outnumbered (Swe)
2010-01-24 Troll: Neo-Satanic Supremacy (Eng)
2010-01-15 Fragments of Unbecoming: The Everhaunting Past: Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection (Swe)
2010-01-15 Killing Mood: Just Another Love Song (Swe)
2010-01-15 Giant: Promise Land (Swe)
2010-01-06 Burning Black: MechanicHell (Swe)
2010-01-06 On the Rise: Dream Zone (Swe)
2009-12-31 Evoken: Shades of Night Descending (Swe)
2009-12-31 Kneipenterroristen/V8 Wixxxer: Gegenzätse Ziehen Sich An (Swe)
2009-12-27 Los Angeles: Neverland (Swe)
2009-12-27 Blackwood Creek; S/T (Swe)
2009-12-24 Facit till Tomten: Dessa skivor ska du ha 2009 (Swe)
2009-12-23 Spin Gallery: Embrace (Swe)
2009-12-23 SOiL: Picture Perfect (Swe)
2009-12-23 Sandstone: Purging the Past (Swe)
2009-12-20 Mob Rules: Radical Peace (Swe)
2009-12-18 Tommy Ermolli: Step Ahead (Swe)
2009-12-18 Paradox: Riot Squad (Swe)
2009-12-11 Cinderella: Live at the Mohegan Sun (Swe)
2009-12-11 Infinity Overture: Kingdom of Utopia (Swe)
2009-12-11 Crystallion: Hundred Days (Swe)
2009-12-07 Simone Fiorletta: When Reality Is Nothing (Swe)
2009-12-04 JSS: Live in Madrid (Swe)
2009-12-04 Brainstorm: Memorial Roots (Swe)
2009-12-04 Nightmare: Insurrection (Swe)
2009-11-28 Blanc Faces: Falling from the Moon (Swe)
2009-11-27 Savage Circus: Of Doom and Death (Swe)
2009-11-27 At Vance: Ride the Sky (Swe)
2009-11-27 Dark Illusion: Where the Eagles Fly (Swe)
2009-11-27 V/A: ReUnation A Tribute to Running Wild Pt 2 (Swe)
2009-11-21 Vendetta: Heretic Nation (Swe)
2009-11-20 Persistence: In Blood and Heart (Eng)
2009-11-20 W.E.T: S/T (Swe)
2009-11-20 Nostradameus: Illusion´s Parade (Swe)
2009-11-20 Siena Root: Different Realities (Swe)
2009-11-18 V/A: Prog Around the World (Swe)
2009-11-13 Destruction: Curse of the Antichrist-Live in Agony (Swe)
2009-11-13 Steve Morse: Prime Cuts 2 (Swe)
2009-11-13 DangerDanger: Revolve (Swe)
2009-11-13 Bunkur: Nullify (Eng)
2009-11-13 Monumentum: In Absentia Christi (Swe)
2009-11-12 David Byron Band: Lost and Found 2CD (Swe)
2009-11-09 Damage Control: Raw (Swe)
2009-11-06 Winger: Karma (Swe)
2009-10-31 Jaded Heart: Perfect Insanity (Swe)
2009-10-31 Mastedon: 3 (Swe)
2009-10-30 Mr Big: Back to Budokan (Swe)
2009-10-30 Twinspirits: The Forbidden City (Swe)
2009-10-29 Sanctification: Black Reign (Swe)
2009-10-29 Sanctification Interview (Eng)
2009-10-29 Whiplash: Unborn Again (Swe)
2009-10-29 WHIPLASH Five Short Questions (Eng)
2009-10-24 Arch Enemy: The Root of All Evil (Swe)
2009-10-24 The Psychics: S/T (Swe)
2009-10-24 Murder Therapy: Symmetry of Delirium (Swe)
2009-10-24 Gotthard: Need to Believe (Swe)
2009-10-18 Root: Zjevení (Swe)
2009-10-18 Jorn: Dukebox (Swe)
2009-10-17 Dreamland-intervju (Swe)
2009-10-17 Dreamland: Exit 49 (Swe)
2009-10-16 The Devil´s Blood: The Time of No Time Evermore (Swe)
2009-10-15 The Order: Rockwolf (Swe)
2009-10-15 Count Raven: Mammon´s War (Swe)
2009-10-13 Root: The Temple in the Underworld (Swe)
2009-10-10 Devious:Vision (Eng)
2009-10-10 Devious - the Future of Death Metal (Swe)
2009-10-10 Ponamero Sundown: Stonerized (Swe)
2009-10-10 Gösta Berlings Saga: Detta har Hänt (Swe)
2009-10-04 Red Circuit: Homeland (Swe)
2009-10-04 Silent Memorial: Cosmic Handball (Swe)
2009-09-27 Memory Driven: Relative Obscurity (Swe)
2009-09-20 Milan Polak: Murphy´s Law (Swe)
2009-09-15 Outloud: S/T (Swe)
2009-09-15 Cain´s Offering: Gather the Faithful (Swe)
2009-09-13 Griftegård: Solemn-Sacred-Severe (Swe)
2009-09-13 Lynch Mob: Smoke and Mirrors (Swe)
2009-09-04 THE FEW AGAINST MANY intervju (Swe)
2009-09-03 The Few Against Many: Sot (Eng)
2009-09-02 Al Atkins: Demon Deceiver ...Plus (Swe)
2009-09-02 Bone Gnawer interview with Kam Lee (Swe)
2009-09-02 Bone Gnawer: Feast of Flesh (Swe)
2009-08-27 UDO: Infected (5) (Swe)
2009-08-27 UDO: Dominator (Swe)
2009-08-27 Axxis: Utopia (Swe)
2009-08-27 Chris Caffery: House of Insanity (Swe)
2009-08-27 Mind Key: Pulse for a Graveheart (Swe)
2009-08-19 Constancia: Lost and Gone (Eng)
2009-08-19 Crash the System: The Crowning (Eng)
2009-08-15 Ribspreader: Opus Ribcage (Swe)
2009-08-15 Alkonost: Put`Neprojdennyj (Swe)
2009-08-14 Slough Feg: Ape Uprising (Eng)
2009-08-12 Hellwitch: Syzygial Miscreancy (Swe)
2009-08-12 Dead Eye Sleeper: Through the Forests of Nonentities (Swe)
2009-08-12 Paganizer: Scandinavian Warmachine (Swe)
2009-08-11 HEARSE Interview (Eng)
2009-08-11 Hearse: Single Ticket to Paradise (Eng)
2009-08-11 Archaic: Time Has Come to Envy the Dead (Swe)
2009-08-10 Tygers of Pan Tang: Animal Instinct x 2 (Eng)
2009-08-10 Tygers of Pan Tang interview (Swe)
2009-08-07 Howard Leese: Secret Weapon (Swe)
2009-08-07 Oresund Space Collective: Good Planets Are Hard to Find (Swe)
2009-08-07 Abramis Brama: Smakar Söndag (Swe)
2009-08-06 Nocturnal: Violent Revenge (Swe)
2009-08-06 The Lou Gramm Band: S/T (Swe)
2009-08-06 Xanima: Inside Warrior (Swe)
2009-08-03 Sävsjöfestivalen 2009 (Swe)
2009-07-23 Funebrarum: The Sleep of Morbid Dreams (Swe)
2009-07-21 Demonical: Hellsworn (Swe)
2009-07-19 DEMONICAL - Death Metal Darkness (Swe)
2009-07-11 Crescent Shield: The Stars of Never Seen (Swe)
2009-07-11 The Crystal Caravan: S/T (Swe)
2009-07-10 Ram: Lightbringer (Swe)
2009-07-10 Ohmphrey: S/T (Eng)
2009-07-10 Ian Gillan Band: Anthology CD+DVD (Eng)
2009-07-09 Pathosray: Sunless Skies (Swe)
2009-07-09 Joe Stump: Virtuostic Vendetta (Swe)
2009-07-08 Memory Garden: Tides (Eng)
2009-07-07 Lars Eric Mattsson Interview (Swe)
2009-07-07 Lars Eric Mattsson: No Surrender + Live (Swe)
2009-07-05 Debauchery: Rockers and War (Swe)
2009-06-29 Rob Rock: The Voice of Melodic Metal- Live in Atlanta (Swe)
2009-06-29 Prong: Power of the Damn MiXXer (Swe)
2009-06-29 Officium Triste: Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years of Hurt (Swe)
2009-06-27 Acheron: Final Conflict - The Last Days of God (Swe)
2009-06-27 Silent Memorial: Retrospective (Swe)
2009-06-27 Master castle: The Phoenix (Swe)
2009-06-21 Pestilence: Resurrection Macabre (Swe)
2009-06-21 Torment: Tormentizer (Swe)
2009-06-13 Praying Mantis Interview (Eng)
2009-06-13 Praying Mantis: Sanctuary (Eng)
2009-06-13 UFO: The Visitor (Swe)
2009-06-13 Candlemass: Death Magic Doom (Swe)
2009-06-05 Chaos Asylum: S/T (Eng)
2009-05-30 Jorn Lande (Swe)
2009-05-29 Tony Hernando: Actual Events (Swe)
2009-05-29 Strings 24: S/T (Swe)
2009-05-20 Nightrage: Wearing a Martyr´s Crown (Swe)
2009-05-18 Primal Fear: 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You´re Dead) (Swe)
2009-05-07 Saint Deamon: Pandeamonium (Swe)
2009-05-07 Michale Graves:Illusions Live-Viretta Park (Swe)
2009-05-07 Ethan Brosh: Out of Oblivion (Swe)
2009-05-04 Shakra: Everest (Swe)
2009-04-26 Ecliptica: Impetus (Swe)
2009-04-26 Jimi Jaison: Crossroads Moment (Swe)
2009-04-26 Deceiver: Thrashing Heavy Metal (Swe)
2009-04-26 Alex Beyrodt´s VooDoo Circle: S/T (Swe)
2009-04-26 The Trophy: The Gift of Life (Swe)
2009-04-24 Minotaur: God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not (Swe)
2009-04-24 Avian: Ashes and Madness (Swe)
2009-04-23 Roxxcalibur: NWOBHM for Muthas (Eng)
2009-04-23 Great White: Rising (Swe)
2009-04-18 Crimson Cult: S/T (Swe)
2009-04-17 Semlah: S/T (Swe)
2009-04-17 Master: Collection of Souls (Swe)
2009-04-17 Forsaken: After the Fall (Swe)
2009-04-17 Pendragon: Pure (Swe)
2009-04-17 Flashback of Anger: Splinters of Life (Swe)
2009-04-12 Redemption: Frozen in the Moment - Live in Atlanta (Swe)
2009-04-08 David Martone (Eng)
2009-04-07 Billy Sheehan: Holy Cow (Swe)
2009-04-05 Semlah: May the Semlah Be with You! (Eng)
2009-04-03 Hardline: Leaving the End Open (Swe)
2009-04-02 Atomic Rooster: Anthology 1969-81 (Swe)
2009-04-01 V/A: Guitars that Ate My Brain (Eng)
2009-03-27 Isole: Silent Ruins (Eng)
2009-03-27 Obscura: Cosmogenesis (Swe)
2009-03-26 Sunstorm House of Dreams (Swe)
2009-03-22 The Kris Norris Projekt: Icons of the Illogical (Eng)
2009-03-22 Dead Head "Depression Tank" review (Eng)
2009-03-22 M.O.B. The Greatest Enemy - Live in Stockholm 2008 (Eng)
2009-03-08 Manimal The Darkest Room (Swe)
2009-03-08 Sacred Reich The American Way recension (Swe)