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We can offer you or your company an effective way of reaching out to Your target group by using banners, words, videos and more on our website, in our newsletter, on our social media platforms (most effective ones are our Facebook page and YouTube channel). Together we work out a solution that fits you the best.

Festivalphoto is the world’s largest internet site with a photo collection from both festivals and concerts. Festivalphoto is a webzine and meeting place for concert lovers and festival maniacs and also a photo agency for media. Here you can find a huge database of 500,000 photos from festivals and concerts from all over the world since 1974.

Festivalphoto is both in Swedish and English and is well known among the Scandinavian festival goers and concert visitors. We also have lots of visitors from the rest of Europe and we are expanding on the other side of the big oceans.

Our viewers consist of equal amounts of women and men in the ages from 14 to 35 and since we have a very wide spectrum the visitors stay on the site for a long time. Many of our viewers have a big interest in music and are musicians themselves. Many photographers are also visiting us. The majority of the viewers are also very active and like to attend events like the ones we cover. Today we have 1500 unique visitors a day on the website + many visitors on our social media platforms.

A large part of our vistors are a target group that likes to see themselves as “alternative” when it comes to clothing and music. Since we also are a photo agency we are as well visited by newspapers and other companies.

If you don´t have any pre-made advertising material we can help you with ideas and design.


Why advertise at Festivalphoto?

  • We are the world’s lagest web site containing festival- and concert pictures (500 000 photos)
  • Broad spectrum of young visitors on our website, Facebook (~11 000 Likes), Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • We are active all over the world (based in Scandinavia)
  • Visitors from many companies, artists and private individuals (~1500 unique visitors daily) +Social media platforms
  • Daily updates from concerts and festivals
  • We have solutions that fits everyone

Contact if you have any thoughts or questions.

Click on the pictures below to see some examples of advertising types and it´s placing. This is just examples, we will work out solutions that fits Your needs. We got long experience working with marketing on Social Media platforms.

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