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David Roberts: All Dressed Up | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Roberts: All Dressed Up



Avenue of Allies/Sound Pollution

Not perhaps the most well-known in Westcoast, DAVID ROBERT has still created some mighty fine songs, for himself, and others. He has contributed songs to the likes of HOUSE OF LORDS, BAD ENGLISH, LEE AARON, etc. He may not be the most frequent solo artist, with 26 years between releases, but he is still a most active musician. This album was released back in 1982, and features top-notch musicians like Steve Lukather, Jeff and Mike Porcaro, plus Jay Gradon. The list could go on… “All Dressed Up” was like a day time project for the TOTO guys while recording “Toto IV” by night. One of the tracks actually ended up on a DIANA ROSS album. As you can expect, this is not metal, but soft Westcoast.

The refrain of opener “All in the Name of Love” could make a grown man cry, and other musicians too probably. It´s a great opener, slightly rockier than the average song on offer, but still unmistakably soft and melodic. There is understandably a lot of TOTO vibes, sharp refrains, and, of cause, a razor sharp ballad. The latter being album closer "Another World". The sound is absolutely flabbergasting mostly being engineered in the early eighties. Yoshiro Kuzumaki has obviously done well remastering for this reissue too. The only song that gets on my nerve is the ancient sounding “Midnight Rendezvous”, which feels outdated and aimed at a much older audience than the rest of the album. Otherwise five out of ten tracks are awarded the highest rating in my margin notes. The main low level here is a good cut above average, and firmly seated in the Westcoast tradition. One filler only, probably a slip not to annihilate the competition back then. I have no choice but to give in and note a 5/5 review.

Track List
All in the Name of Love
Too Good to Last
Someone Like You
Boys of Autumn
That´s My Girl (She´s Still Mine)
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Midnight Rendezvous
Anywhere You Run to
Never Gonna Let You Go
Another World

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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