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Tyr: The Lay of Thyrm | FESTIVALPHOTO

Tyr: The Lay of Thyrm



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Faroese Viking metal band TYR has almost been in existence for 15 years now. The one armed god of war has inspired guitarist/vocalist Heri Joensen, guitarist Terji Skibenaes, bassist Gunnar H. Thomsen and drummer Kári Streymoy to do six albums, and counting. There has been success; Tours, airtime and numerous fans all over the world. They rely on their native tinges to stand out, and I believe they have done so rightfully over the years, but how long can the saga continue?

Heroes and glory to the brave in true Nordic fashion spews from my speakers. Strangely enough, opener “Flames of the Free” fail to ignite me. But the more present day orientated “Shadows of the Swastika” is high octane Eurovision Song Contest material. Odd in a nice way; Which also goes for the equally excellent “Take Your Tyrant”. Sing-along friendly, a nice riff, and some truly Teutonic yet different polka like style. Jacob Hansen has provided a fine sound, nothing to complain about there. Unfortunately the truly memorable tracks are done with after three songs. They get very neat tidy and efficient in a Viking way, power metal clichés, some folk parts thrown in for good measures, and it all feels very calculated these days. But, sure, they stand out with their no doubt Faroese touches and image. But still, I feel that the song material could have been better; or less homeward bound, if you like.

Track List
Flames of the Free
Shadow of the Swastika
Take Your Tyrant
Evening Star
Hall of Freedom
Fields of the Fallen
Konning Hans
Ellindur Bóndi á Jadri
Nine of Worlds of Lore
The Lay of Thrym

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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Mange Mange Written 2011-05-31 16:25:02
Bara 3 av 5? Jag tycker Tyrs skiva är värd åtminstone en 4a. Fast allt beror klar på vad man jämför med. Kul att läsa era skivrecensioner!