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Borealis: Fall From Grace | FESTIVALPHOTO

Borealis: Fall From Grace




Canadian band BOREALIS debuted with “World of Silence” 2008, and has since played the famous ProgPower USA in Septenmber 2010. Not bad at all from fresh-faced band. Classic power metal is their game, but spiced with touches of bands like VANDEN PLAS and DREAM THEATER. A heavier approach than before is promised, produced and mixed by Jodan Valeriote and mastered by Tomas Johansson at Panic Room Studios. What could possibly go wrong here?

One thing for starters, this is not music for musicians, but heavy power metal with a good deal of progressivity. The title track may well be the low point, together with “Take You Over”. Those two are not as engaging as the rest, well-executed as they are there is simply no real spark. Otherwise the average song on this album reaches above par. There are soft interludes, catchy refrains (for this type of music), a beautiful and soft piece of craftsmanship in “Watch the World Collapse”. “Worlds I Fail to Say” has DREAM THEATER all over it, but serves to show that BOREALIS aren´t quite there. That is not me saying that they aren’t excellent, but you know DT… There is a growled part in opener “Finest Hour”, which is not recommended and prevents that track from reaching its true potential. BOREALIS deliver quite a lot here, they don´t really break new ground but they show off as serious contenders should DREAM THEATER break up or so.

Track List
Finest Hour
Words I Failed to Say
Fall From Grace
Where We Started
Breaking the Curse
Watch the World Collapse
Take You Over
Forgotten Forever

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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