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Hard: Even Keel




A Hungarian band…with…Björn Lodin (SIX FEET UNDER, BALTIMOORE, etc.) on lead vocals. Now we’re getting somewhere. HARD have cut two previous albums, this is the second with Björn on vocals. They have recorded with Beau Hill and played with KISS; that sounds interesting. Joining bassist Gábor Mirkovics, Björn, and drummer Zsolt Borbély is new guitarist Zsolt Vámos.

Opener “Truth or Dare” has most of the trademarks of WHITESNAKE, sound and lyrics. Not bad but there is more to come. Björn´s vocals are suited to “Bitten by You”, but it´s the groovy “Pretty Little Liar” that really stands out. It would have been a better opener and a better album title. The album ranges from bluesy and whining to groovy. There is a lot of WHITESNAKE early on, but also LED ZEPPELIN and HARD themselves, as well as some hair bands. New guitarist Zsolt seems a fine choice with some interesting technique. Björn is not quite what hea has been, but he still does his thing. At time the vocals seem strained, band the closing ballad “In Your Arms” is ´perhaps where he shines the most. It is a fine line sometimes, but HARD does not fail, neither do they outshine the competition. A fine album mostly, but not flawless.

Track List
Truth or Dare
Bitten by You
Pretty Little Liar
I Wanna Rock You
Speeding into Slow
Keep Out
Scream Out to Be Heard
In Your Arms

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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