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Days of Anger: Death Path | FESTIVALPHOTO

Days of Anger: Death Path



Massacre/Sound Pollution

A young (but individually experienced, Swedish band performs Old School thrash with more or less hardcore and sludge. DAYS OF ANGER was formed in 2010 in a Swedish town dominated by pop. What is new about that? Some old mates got time to spare and some leftover material to use. Hey presto they got a contract with Massacre and hooked up with Pelle Saether for mix and mastering. Apparently there are already plans for a follow-up. How good is the material?

“Damaged” opens in the most unpolished ANTHRAX fashion. DAYS OF ANGER doesn´t sound very young, probably due to the mix of thrash and some hardcore. Hardly any double bass drumming from Kristian Huotari (TORCH, GRIFFEN), and Alex Jansson´s (TORCH) vocals is in the Old School vein. The lion part of the sound by Pelle Saether is nothing to complain about. What I like is that the Bay Area/late 80´s early 90´s thrash parts of the music seems way bigger than the hardcore influence. Judging by the first few songs this ought to be rather audience friendly and aggressive live. The highlight to me is the band unique “One Way Ticket Down (to Hell)”. It is not only churning down the audience, there are also lots of grooves to boot. But then DAYS OF ANGER turns into a Sludge band, or there about. They get repetitive and boring, only to end with the final two tracks in fine fashion with their 85% thrash. It is a pity they lose direction midway. But this is still only their debut. Never mind sludge, this lot knows their thrash metal, and will show themselves from their best side next time around.

Track List
All Pigs Must Die
One Way Ticket Down (to Hell)
Stone Cold Killer
Fuck That (Silly God)
Hands of Evil
Spit on Your Grave
Buried Alive
Life Form

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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