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Glen Drover: Metalusion | FESTIVALPHOTO

Glen Drover: Metalusion



Magna Carta/Border

GLEN DROVER, mostly famed for his contributions to bands like EIDOLON and MEGADETH, mixes metal with jazz rock when he goes instrumentally solo. Ten instrumental tracks, five originals and five covers of the likes of AL DI MEOLA, FRANK ZAPPA and JEAN-LUC PONTY, display another side of Glen. His own band of choice consists of; Jim Gilmour, keyboards, Paul Yee, bass, and Chris Sutherland, drums. But featured also are guitar guests like Fredrik Åkesson (TALISMAN, OPETH), Steve Smyth (FORBIDDEN), Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE, Chris Poland (ex. MEGADETH, solo), and Vinnie Moore (UFO). The info talks of a diverse yet highly cohesive album…let´s find out.

Jazz rock is the deal here. The heavy and by Chris Poland and Vinnie Moore spiced up “Ground Zero” is a well played variety. Three such gifted guitar players in the same song is almost overkill. The tone and depth of the trio is worthy of such a title. I must also add that the keyboards are an important feature that very much contributes to the overall sound. The Steve Smyth powered “Frozen Dream” is also set in a keyboard frame. A very soft track considering Steve´s background; and jazzy to boot. They update AL DI MEOLA`S “Egyptian Danza” with some slight heaviness. The whole band is put to the test and I particularly like the bass lines that Paul comes up with. Covers or not this album offers loads of neat and cozy jazz metal. It is very fitting to have tracks about colors and dreams, since most of them have a dreamy character. Fredrik Åkesson is let lose in JEAN-LUC PONTY´S “Don´t Let the World Pass You By”, another guitarist with a classy warm tone. The class doesn´t get let down with the closing covers of FRANK ZAPPA either. Don’t miss out on this album, it´s probably the instrumental album of 2011…

Track List
Ground Zero
Frozen Dream
Egyptian Danza (AL DI MEOLA Cover)
Colors of Infinity
Illusions of Starlight
Don´t Let the World Pass You By (JEAN-LUC PONTY Cover)
Mirage (JEAN-LUC PONTY Cover)
The Purple Lagoon (FRANK ZAPPA Cover)
Filthy Habits (FRANK ZAPPA Cover) www,

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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