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Cauldron: Burning Fortune | FESTIVALPHOTO

Cauldron: Burning Fortune



Earache/Sound Pollution

Several years ago I made contact with a Canadian retro band called GOAT HORN. They were into jeans and rivets heavy metal from the eighties. CAULDRON is the rather direct continuation of that band. The perennial Jason Decay, bass/vocals, is still around; this time backed by guitarist Ian Chains and drummer Chris Steve. If his former band fought for true metal with less fortune, CAULDRON has spent more time in the limelight. How have they preserved the success and momentum of their much talked about debut “Chained to the Night”?

“All or Nothing”, nope, not the song by THE SMALL FACES that TYGERS OF PAN TANG covered, opens with some frantic guitar work and an intro howl by Jason. This lot makes no secret of their penchant for many of the old NWOBHM groups. Compared with previous efforts this production is miles better, without blowing their inbred feeling of ´82. Unlike fellow revivalists ENFORCER CAULDRON are less focused on refrains to spice up their heavy metal. This is heads down metal, flashy solos and an attitude that I thought was lost some 25 years ago. There is also more than a hint of DOKKEN´s earliest period, plus many more bands like US metal merchants (early) HADES and SAVAGE GRACE. The slower “Queen of Fire” has the most memorable refrain; I fear there is a slight shortage of memorable refrains though. And the ending of the somewhat pointless “Taken by Desire” is pretty lukewarm. But in between the let-downs there is so much metal might…if you´re into the retro stuff. The answer to how well they nurse their success is somewhat dodgy, I have heard better, back in the day. But for now…CAULDRON rocks all right.

Track List
All or Nothing
Miss You to Death
Frozen in Fire
Tears Have Come
I Confess
Rapid City/Unchained Assault
Queen of Fire
Breaking Through
Taken By Desire

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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