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Power Quest: Blood Alliance | FESTIVALPHOTO

Power Quest: Blood Alliance



Napalm/Sound Pollution

POWER QUEST returns with a new line-up and an absolute top class album. POWER QUEST has been around for ten years, and was formed by keyboard player Steve Williams, formerly of DRAGON HEART (these days more known under the moniker DRAGONFORCE). The band has changed a number of members over the years, and this incarnation is an almost total change. This time around Chitty Somapala (ex FIREWIND, RED CIRCUIT etc.) handles vocals, backed by an entirely English band consisting of the eternal Steve on keys, guitarists Gavin Owen and Andy Midgley, bass player Paul Finnie and drummer Rich Smith. Three years have passed since the impressive predecessor “Master of Illusion”, is this the band´s paved road to the top?

The ambitious intro “Battle Stations” leads the way into “Rising Anew”. With the band´s history in mind that title can´t be there by coincidence… Chitty´s his normal impressive self, and it is all quite sing-along friendly. In true power metal fashion Rich gets to work with a sweaty double bass drum pattern, and the solo is a gem, which of cause is shared betwixt guitars and keyboards. With “Glorious” they seem to surpass power metal. It is all very neat and tidy, the refrain is huge, and the song as a whole is truly convincing. Still, there is more to come. The percentage of high octane hard rock and power metal, in that order if you ask me, is a cut above most of their competition. The only so-so track in my opinion; is the arch power metal “Crunching the Numbers”. The title track is a pompous, grand enjoyment of nine minutes, featuring keyboards with more than a nod to good ole SARACEN. Melodic hard rock moments like “Sacrifice”, “Survive” and “Only in My Dreams” is pure perfection. The refrains are all in all very strong, with highlights such as “Glorious” and “City of Lies”. I´d still say that POWER QUEST is closer to hard rock, or doing a very enigmatic interpretation of power metal. As I remember “Master of Illusion” was a standout disc three years ago, then this may well be labeled a masterpiece at the end of the year. This one goes to the best of 2011 list right away!

Track List
Battle Stations
Rising Anew
Better Days
Crunching the Numbers
Only in My Dreams
Blood Alliance
City of Lies

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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