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Six Reasons to Kill: Architects of Perfection | FESTIVALPHOTO

Six Reasons to Kill: Architects of Perfection



Massacre/Sound Pollution

SIX REASONS TO KILL are amongst the forerunners of metal/hardcore, and are a big name in the underground scene. They started out with a lot of death metal in their sound, but have since developed into a hybrid of modern and extreme death, hardcore, added atmosphere and touches of electronica. They have gigged a lot with hot bands, will they become a household name themselves after this disc?

Lars Tekolf follows the trend of screams and growl, the guitars are truly riffing away in the hands of Marco Andree and Loc Tran. The rhythm section of bassist Matthias Machenheimer and drummer Florian Durr complete the sound. Various vocals and added synthesizer patterns are their own input. Lars´s voice is both high-pitched and husky when he screams. The muffled shouting reminds me of the Tampa sound back in the early nineties. “My Bitterness” opens with some vocal experiments and a clear preference of MY DYING BRIDE negativism. As is mostly the case with thrash/metal-core the guitars are central and, not seldom, infused with nineties influences. There is still the death assault from the bands earlier stages. “False Absolution” has a clear penchant, but the modernized guitar work would never have been adopted by MORBID ANGEL back in ´91. There are, however, setbacks too. The –core-ish mess of “Perfection”, where remnants of melody fights to survive, is the worst example. The run-of-the-mill crescendo of “Day of the Apocalypse”, with it´s core stigmata and boring rhythm adds to the negative. The balance of the songs might be that delicate. I believe the band has more to claim with songs like “Awaken”, with a slightly modern touch, choir-like parts and electronic, as an ace. I also believe in “My Poison”, rather depressed thrash, clean vocals, and lots of atmosphere. I would also like to mention the radically soft instrumental “Wondering Stars”; that strikes like a bolt from the blue. That might be the stuff that could make SIX REASONS TO KILL kings. With more of that they might become the architects of perfection.

Track List
Welcome to Forever
My Bitterness
False Absolution
My Poison
Day of the Apocalypse
Scum Belongs to Scum
Wandering Stars
Buried to the Sea

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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