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Silver Lake: S/T



7Hard/SG Records/Cargo

Eight years ago they were called EXODIAIN and played covers of DREAM THEATER, DEEP PURPLE, PAIN OF SALVATION, ANGRA etc. Since 2007 SILVER LAKE is a band in their own right, plus augmented by guests like Simone Mularoni (EMPYRIOS, DGM), Gabriele Ravagliaand and Michele Luppi (VISION DIVINE, KILLING TOUCH). Are they ready to acquire fans?

Italians the American way, that sounds like a spaghetti western movie. But that is definitely not the sound of the keyboard tinged “Before the Storm”. Davide Bertozzi´s voice is quite light and, yes, Italian. The general feeling is that of the eighties, soft and pleasant. The production may not be top-notch, but it is perfectly alright. There is a resemblance to JOURNEY in “Help Me to Fight the Rain”, but the returning muffled speaking voice provides the band a certain character. As is often the case with Italians they are good musicians, I note inspired bass lines from Luigi Rignarese and ubiquitous keyboards from Riccardo Fabbri in the instrumental “Break”. Michele Luppi´s track “Life” has his trade mark and is quite catchy. I appreciate that they have a go at SKID ROW´S “Slave to the Grind”, a track that takes a couple of minutes before you recognize it. But that is the meaning of a cover, a track that interpret your way – not something that you simply repeat. Unfortunately these two tracks have the most character on the album. SILVER LAKE seems a bit too ambitious and able for the happy-go –lucky sounding music. They need more material in the vein of the self-titled “Silver Lake” and less nonsense 80´s style. But I believe in their ability, and they seem to have time to develop after this, in spirit, promising debut.

Track List
Before the Storm
Help Me to Fight the Rain
Life (Feat. Michele Luppi)
Slave to the Grind (SKID ROW Cover)
Holy Affinity
Meet You Again
Silver Lake

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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