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Katra: Out of the Ashes | FESTIVALPHOTO

Katra: Out of the Ashes



Napalm/Sound Pollution

KATRA is Katra Solopuro and band, releasing their second effort. Here musical venture started in 2006, and the band debuted in 2007, scoring a radio hit in their native Finland with “Sahara”. They caught the eye of Napalm Records and a contract was signed. An international version of their debut “Beast Within” was commissioned and now it is time for a follow-up.

Melodic, but not very Gothic is the initial feel of “Delirium”. KATRA has a smooth production and a very pleasant voice to boost. The melodic sensuality mentioned in the info sheet feels more like a gentle aim at a trend in a song that could well be smooth enough to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Gothic light continues in “One Wish Away”. Not even the lyrics seem very melancholic. But KATRA is soft, eve sensual to a limited extent, and very well produced. The title track contains some heavier guitar work, and is my pick on the alum, together with the light ballad “Envy” and the gently metallic “Anthem”. But they are not instant hits in any way. The opening four tracks are weak and “The End of the Scene” seems directionless. The voice, the production and some of the refrains saves the day somewhat for Finland.

Track List
One Wish Away
If There Is No Tomorrow
Out of the Ashes
The End of the Scene
Hide and Seek

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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