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General Chaos: Calamity Circus | FESTIVALPHOTO

General Chaos: Calamity Circus



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

Henrik Bache & Flo Mueller (ex. DEW-SCENTED), guitars, Ercument Kalasar, vocals, Antek, drums, and Henrik Schwaninger, bass, there is GENERAL CHAOS for you. They seem to like EXHORDER, ENTOMBED, and MOTÖRHEAD (“Another Perfect Day”!).

They thrash, rock and are generally dirty. The songs are almost totally interchangeable and Ercument sounds raw without either growl or sing clean. We´re not about to hear ballads, but biker fare with a penchant for death seems like a fair description. They grind and go for your throat, with Antek bashing his skins as violently as BILL WARD once did. “Second to None” feels a good metaphor of their heaviness, but not of their imagination. Perhaps the speech and sound effect track is an attempt at imagination? "Calamity Circle" is a tad different, but nothing eyebrow-raising. It is also mitigated by the one-dimensional vocals. Some bells in silence are refreshing, probably an energizer break. Because GENERAL CHAOS builds up steam, no matter what you think of their performance. They move for Death´n´Roll in “Swedeheart”, and it works better than many other mixes on the album. . They are nevertheless very often repetitive, as in “Incessantly” or “Powder Monkey”. Unfortunately they seem to have used more time conceiving the tag line “MOTÖRHEAD screws PANTERA while ENTOMBED watch” than making the album.

Track List
Black Belt
Second to None
Screen Berets
Kingsize Overdose
Calamity Circle
Powder Monkey
Black as Disease

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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