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MALEVOLENT CREATION: Killing Is My Business…and We´re Doing Better than Ever! | FESTIVALPHOTO

MALEVOLENT CREATION: Killing Is My Business…and We´re Doing Better than Ever!


MALEVOLENT CREATION started out way back, 23 years ago to be precise. They did fine back then but still not by far as well as they have done in the 2000´s. It is an interesting phenomenon that bands can hit the jackpot after massive member changes and long after their peak was believed to be over. Who better to describe the “NAPALM DEATH-effect”, the new album and what lies ahead than perennial guitarist Phil Fasciana.

*Please describe the new album, track by track if you like.

1) Trying to describe each song lyrically would be hard for me because
our vocalist Bret Hoffman wrote all the lyrics. But what I can say about
the songs on this new album is that the entire album is based upon
Hatred!!! And lyrically that's how the lyrics are. They are all based
upon hatred towards thing's we do not agree with and the hatred that is
spreading throughout the world and destroying mankind. We are not
glorifying hatred, but it is something that cannot be ignored and
everyone has someone or something that makes them feel extreme
hatred. And instead of our song's lyric's dealing with death like all our
albums in the past, this album still touches on the topic of death but
the main theme behind the lyric's and the music is Hatred. I think the
music is very hateful sounding and the lyric's fit perfect with the
music that was written intentionally for this album to sound the way it

*How would you describe your development from “The Ten Commandments”
until now? How would you describe the band´s career from 1988 onwards?
I consider “Warkult” to be your turning point, your way to
popularity among the metal freaks, do you agree?

2) Since our 1st album "The Ten Commandments" we have all come a long
way as far as becoming better musicians and being able to write extreme
music but being able to make it understandable for the listener and the
song's now actually have a song structure to them and our music is just
not a bunch of riff's thrown together anymore. The songs are actually
song's that have repeated parts and lyrics. We started the band in 1987
and that is the year we recorded our 1st 3 song demo tape. We then
recorded a 2nd 3 song demo tape in early 1989 and our final demo was
recorded in early 1990 which was 3 song's and recorded by producer Scott
Burns who actually sent our demo out to record labels and gotten us
offers from all the extreme metal labels at that time and we ended up
signing with Roadrunner Records and recorded our 1st album in mid 1990
and it was released in early 1991. By the time we got to our 8th album
"The Will To Kill" in 2002 we started to work with good producers like
for our 8th and 9th album were recorded with J.F. Francois from
KATAKLYSM and he did a great job with the production and our band
started to sound a lot more professional and for our newest album
"Invidious Dominion" we worked with producer Erik Rutan and he did a
great job recording and giving us a very powerful production for the
powerful song's written for our new album and we hope to continue
working with Erik in the future.

* What would you say is the core of MALEVOLENT CREATION that pervades no
matter who is in or out? What has kept you going under the same moniker
in spite of all the member changes? How does a member manage to stay as
long as you have?

3) I am the one member that has always spent all my time and money and
did whatever I could to make MALEVOLENT CREATION succeed. Over the years
there have been some disputes with some of the original members and
changes were made to keep the band alive and moving forward. All these
changes happened for a reason and that is why now myself, and vocalist
Bret Hoffman who formed the band and have been the primary song writers
as well as original bassist Jason Blachowicz are all back working
together again and have been recording and touring together since 2005
and all has worked out well. Me and Bret started the band and we will be
the 2 members that put an end to the band when the time comes. But for
now we are enjoying the success of our 11th album "Invidious Dominion"
and we are going to tour the world for the next 2 years and try to open
as many new doors and bring as many new fans to the MALEVOLENT CREATION
way of playing Extreme Metal!!! Our lineup has been solid for the last
6 years and has made everything a lot easier.

*What can we expect from MALEVOLENT CREATION in the future? How will you
promote the new release?

4) We will be touring around the world everywhere for the next 2 years. We
just finished an 8 week US Tour and 5 weeks of that tour was with EXODUS
and that was a great tour and we played a killer show in Puerto Rico
just recently and we are preparing to tout the US, Europe, South
America, Asia, Australia, Mexico and Central America starting in February
of 2011 and we will also be playing a lot of European Summer Festivals
as well as a headlining tour in Europe. We are going to try to stay as
busy as possible and promote our new album as much as possible because
we feel very proud of this new album and the reviews everywhere have
been very positive and we want to play live and prove that we are even
more intense live then we are in the recording studio.

*Wow, that is dedication ladies and gentlemen. As with all metal stalwarts there is only persistence and belief that counts. All the best Phil; and here´s to the next 20 years!

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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