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Mirror of Deception: A Smouldering Fire | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mirror of Deception: A Smouldering Fire



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

MIRROR OF DECEPTION hurry slowly. The band was formed in 1990 and celebrates their twentieth with album number four. They have become famous for doom in the vein of SAINT VITUS. The partners in crime are; Michael S (vocals, guitar), Jochen Fopp (guitars, the one behind the Doom Shall Rise Festival), Andreas T, bass, and Jochen M (drums, vocals). This CD also contains a disc of rare tracks, which I can´t review since it wasn´t included in the promo pack. Anyway, lets s l o w t h e p a c e d o w n.

They open with the unexpectedly groovy “Isle of Horror”. They are still reminiscent of a slower version of BLACK SABBATH, but still nice. “The Riven Tree” works well with divided song parts, and it is already better than my memories of the “Conversion EP” that I once reviewed. Michael has a nice voice, which is ominous without being a drag or distorted. What surprises me the most are that they echo of so many bands; there is touches of REM (“Heroes of the Atom Age”), fringes of Flea & Co in “Lauender Schmerz” and depressed modern traits in the rocking “Voyage Obscure”. But there are also highlights like ultra-groovy “Sojourner”; and the up-tempo “The Flood and the Horses”, which is the most attractive to a Swede like me. I l miss a slight increase in pace, and some more bite in the guitars. At the same time MIRROR OF DECEPTION have a fine sense of melody and an advantage in the shared vocal duties. I feel a bit schizoid about this one.

Track List
Isle of Horro
The Riven Tree
Heroes of the Atom Age
Bellwethers in Mist
Lauender Schmerz
Walking Through the Clouds
The Flood and the Horses
Voyage Obscure

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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