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Robin George: Still On the Heartline | FESTIVALPHOTO

Robin George: Still On the Heartline


There are many examples of how unfair the world of music is. Robin is a prime example; the sheer talent on display and his ability to write sensitive lyrics should have put him in the Rock´n´Roll Walk of Fame long ago. But in spite of all the collaborations with mega stars, the fine songs and dazzling musicianship his plans have been distorted by record company bankruptcy and even untimely deaths. But still, the guitarist keeps on going and keeps creating, nowadays from Spain, but the fire´s still burning. He took some time off his “Love Power” album and his home studio to answer my questions, fire away Robin.

What sent you into the world of rock?

- I don’t really know, I just always loved rock and it was what I always wanted to do.

Do you have more musicians in your family?

- My eldest daughter Charlotte has a great voice (she’s featured on the LovePower sharing album) and my son James is a really good guitar player.

What is it with the Black Country that has fostered so many rockers?

- Maybe there’s something in the Black Country water…or, many bands (including mine) rehearsed in factories…loud enough to drown out the machinery!

What was it like being a guitar hero in the mid-eighties?
- Cool!

What has kept you going through thick and thin, you sure have had your share of both?

- The gift of making music is such a powerful thing. I learned to engineer/record at an early age, and this has been a way of always keeping going.

Which would you say are your highest and lowest career points?

- Low points are easy to forget, highs stay with me forever…so far! The lowest point was when Bronze went bust just as “Dangerous Music” was taking off the first time. Highs are working with so many fantastic musicians over the years, many of whom now feature on the soon to be released “LovePower” Sharing album.

What do you think about writing your biography?

- By coincidence, I was recently approached to write my autobiography so I started to make notes. I had to stop though as it was full of secrets. I’ve always kept these to myself and I’m not ready to divulge confidences from mega stars quite yet!

I believe most of your music has been released? Is there any chance of recreating your lost second album or re-releasing NOTORIOUS?

- NOTORIOUS “Radio Silence”, which is the original recordings from my home studio, is released by Angel Air in November. It’s the way Sean and I always wanted it to be heard and now the true voice of NOTORIOUS will be available at last.

- I’m also re-mastering my ‘Lost’ album in between projects right now. Coincidentally it features Charlie Morgan, who I’m working with at the moment. There are some fantastic musicians on it including Pino Palladino, Mel Collins, Daniel Boone etc.

What are your views on rock music and the live scene in England today? Compared to Spain?

- I don’t know much about the English music scene although I’d love to tour there again and am in talks to do so soon. I now live in Spain and throughout the summer there are constant Fiestas (festivals) with live music and partying. Most of the rock music here in Andalucía is shipped in from England

What have you been up to musically the last years?

- By November I’ll have eight albums out with Angel Air so re-mastering those has taken up most of my time!

What can we expect from you in the future?

-I’ve also been writing and recording a brand new album with Pete Haycock, Charlie Morgan and Charley Charlesworth. We’re planning a tour with the working title of Robin George and Pete Haycock play Dangerous Music. Check out for more details where you can also find out about the progress of my Sharing album, “LovePower”.

Well, well, the relocation to Spain may account for something since I was not very aware of his activities. But still more highlights to come, as Angel Air has the goodness to release NOTORIOUS very soon, exactly what I was hoping for to be precise. Here´s to the next 25 years of Dangerous Music!

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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