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VV at Sala Palatului: Program and access rules | FESTIVALPHOTO

VV at Sala Palatului: Program and access rules



After the appearance at the Metalhead Meeting 2023, on April 8 VV (Ville Valo) returns to Bucharest at Sala Palatului with a repertoire full of H.I.M. songs. The guests are ZETRA (UK).



Zetra: 20:00-20:30

VV: 21:00-


Public access is allowed starting at 19:00, and the show starts at 20:00, so please allow enough time for the road, parking, access, leaving clothes at the wardrobe, and any other activities that precede the participation in the show itself , in order to enter the performance hall before the beginning of the artistic act.

Access to the perimeter of the event is allowed based on a valid ticket. Public access after the show's start time, as printed on the ticket, is not allowed. The access doors to the hall will close at the start of the show, that is 8:00 p.m

Children under 7 can have free access, but they do not benefit from a seat, parents having to hold them in their arms. Also, the organizers recommend, in order to remove any doubts, the presentation of a document proving the child's age (copy) at the entrance. We recommend that you bring special headphones to protect the child's hearing. Loud volume can damage the hearing of little ones. Also, we ask you to hold the little ones in your arms throughout the performance.

Ticket holders can be controlled upon entering the location to ensure compliance with the announced rules. Spectators are asked to keep the tickets with them at all times. After the access has been made, the spectators can no longer leave the premises to return, unless they purchase a ticket again, but not after the start time of the show, i.e. 20:00.

Failure to show up on time to enter the performance hall does not entitle the ticket to reimbursement or its use at a later performance.

Dear viewers, out of respect for the artists and to avoid possible unpleasant situations, please be punctual!


Access is prohibited with:

- bottles, cans;

- weapons, clubs, knives, sprays, long chains, selfie stick, glow stick, sharp objects, fireworks

- prohibited substances according to law 143 / 2000

- food or drinks of any kind;

- fireworks, weapons, dangerous objects;

- laser objects (eg pointers, laser lighters);

- professional or semi-professional photo/video cameras (with removable lens);

- professional or semi-professional audio-video recording devices;

- Pets

People with medical problems must have clear evidence on them to be able to enter the concert with the necessary medicines.

It is forbidden to use drugs or other illegal substances in the location where the event is taking place. It constitutes a crime and will be punished according to the legal provisions in force!

It is forbidden to smoke both cigarettes and electronic cigarettes in the location where the event takes place.


- to respect fire protection measures

- not to introduce or attempt to introduce into the premises torches, fireworks, firecrackers, torches, containers, incendiary or fumigating materials, toxic substances, irritant-lacrimogenic substances or substances with a paralyzing effect (or other such materials, substances or objects), objects handicrafts and entertainment, based on pyrotechnic mixtures, fireworks from the "light flying objects" category, firecrackers or others similar that can promote the production and propagation of fires;

- not to render the signs, posters, markings or similar, intended for fire protection in the premises, out of use, regardless of the method

- not to put the technical means of defense against fires in the premises into a state of non-use, regardless of the method;

- the public is forbidden to remove or destroy the advertisements, announcements and posters displayed by the organizer within the built complex, as well as to damage, lift or move the signs or indicators placed by the organizer, to facilitate access to the premises, the evacuation of people, of intervention in emergency situations or of those that signal the existence of a danger to people's lives;

Tickets have the following prices:

- presale: Cat A 339 lei, Cat B 269 lei, Cat C 189 lei, Cat D 149 lei, Cat E 99 lei

- at access: Cat A 360 lei, Cat B 300 lei, Cat C 220 lei, Cat D 180 lei, Cat E 120 lei

Tickets can be found in electronic format on and in Flanco, Muzica stores and Selfpay terminals. Online, you can pay by card, Paypal, Sodexo and Edenred cultural voucher cards, on your Vodafone or Orange invoice or cash on delivery via Fan Courier anywhere in the country. The ticket issuing commission of the ticketing agency is added to the price of all tickets and dynamic pricing can be activated.

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Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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