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 Photographers and writers | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vlad Ionut Piriu


In the camera bag:

Canon EOS R7
Canon EOS R6
Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Canon Ef 70-200mm f2.8 L
Canon 50mm 1.4
Canon EF 16-35 2.8 L II
Canon EF 135 2 L

I am a 45 years old photographer from Bucharest, Romania!For more than 15 years I have been taking pictures at about 300 events: parties, concerts or festivals.

I visit regularly, the best and biggest musical events in Romania, such as UNTOLD, Electric Castle, Saga Festival, Summer in The City, Artmania and not only. I shot bands and artists such as The Prodigy, NIN, Faithless, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Metallica, The Villagers of Ioannina City, Dead can Dance, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Solstafir, Apocalyptica, Morcheeba, Evanescence, and the list could go for hours.

Photos taken by Vlad Ionut Piriu:

2023-04-24 Steve Vai (Sala Palatului - Bucharest)
2022-05-24 Hooverphonic (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)
2022-05-24 Amadeus (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)
2022-05-24 Rockabella (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)
2022-05-16 Dead Can Dance (Arenele Romane - Bucuresti)
2022-05-12 Bucovina (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)
2022-03-12 We Are ONE - Humanitarian Event for the Ukrainian people
2021-09-09 - 2021-09-12 Untold Festival
2021-08-06 - 2021-08-15 Electric Castle Special
2011-09-17 - 2011-09-18 Street Heroes
2011-06-09 Scorpions (Zone Arena - Bucharest)
2010-11-22 Nouvelle Vague (Sala Palatului - Bucharest)
2010-11-13 Logistics (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)
2010-11-13 Claudia Pavel (Eurovision 2011 - Romanian Television)
2010-11-13 Rallsa (Eurovision 2011 - Romanian Television)
2010-11-13 Distinto, Ianna & Anthony (Eurovision 2011 - Romanian Television)
2010-11-13 Laurentiu Cazan (Eurovision 2011 - Romanian Television)
2010-10-15 David Guetta (Romexpo - Bucharest)
2010-10-05 Morcheeba (Sala Palatului - Bucharest)
2010-10-01 - 2010-12-04 Arena DnB Fest
2010-10-01 Nero (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)
2010-08-26 - 2010-08-29 Felsziget Peninsula

Written by Vlad Ionut Piriu:

2023-05-26 Summer in the City is rescheduled for August 18 and 19 with superstar Robbie Williams (Eng)
2023-05-26 Five Finger Death Punch have canceled several concerts in Europe (Eng)
2023-05-26 Five Finger Death Punch performs for the first time in Romania (Eng)
2023-05-23 Saga Festival 2023 program. Who will be on stage at the event much awaited by music fans, from Romaero Băneasa. (Eng)
2023-05-22 Bucharest Metalhead Meeting 2023: Program and Access Rules (Eng)
2023-05-18 the innovative solution for teenagers who want to reach the Electric Castle (Eng)
2023-05-18 After six years since the previous presence in Romania, Johnny Depp returns to the Capital together with the band Hollywood Vampires. The actor-singer (Eng)
2023-05-18 Depeche Mode, Memento Mori Tour. The closed circuit rehearsal related by Cristian Flueraru, the Romanian fan who appears in the documentary Spirits in (Eng)
2023-05-11 Tough news today, Sam Smith canceled his appearance at Summer in the City Festival (Eng)
2023-05-10 LP, the Rockstar returns to Bucharest at Summer in the City Festival 2023 (Eng)
2023-05-10 Dan Fogler is Set to Enchant May’s East European Comic Con 2023! (Eng)
2023-05-10 Join the Cosplay Parade at East European Comic Con 2023! (Eng)
2023-05-10 Game of Thrones Actor Toby Sebastian to Host Panels at East European Comic Con 2023! (Eng)
2023-05-10 East European Comic Con 2023 comes in May and it is going to be a blast (Eng)
2023-05-05 Shine Festival is back and strong ???? The Prodigy and KOVACS the first two names announced (Eng)
2023-05-03 POWERWOLF plays @ Romexpo in June, 2023 (Eng)
2023-05-03 New bands, one-day tickets and Cowboys from Hell sold out at Metalhead Meeting Festival Romania 2023 (Eng)
2023-04-28 Prime Orchestra - Rock Sympho Show at Sala Palatului, Bucharest on April 30th (Eng)
2023-04-26 Guns N' Roses reunite in the original formula, for the 2023 World Tour (Eng)
2023-04-26 Guns N' Roses are returning to Romania in July 16th, 2023 - How much are the tickets (Eng)
2023-04-24 HÆLOS open the Depeche Mode concert in Bucharest (Eng)
2023-04-21 The famous guitarist Steve Vai performs in Bucharest (Eng)
2023-04-21 Steve Vai returns to Bucharest with a concert that will take place at Sala Palatului on April 24, 2023 (Eng)
2023-04-20 Nicole Cherry will take the same stage as Sam Smith at Summer in the City Festival 2023 (Eng)
2023-04-12 Beach, Please! Festival 2023 (Eng)
2023-04-12 "Beach, Please!" has reached the 2nd edition! The first big festival in Romania this year takes place between April 27-30, 2023, in Costineș (Eng)
2023-04-12 "Beach, please!" Festival, Costinești 2023. YNY Sebi: "My family made great efforts to make me feel good" (Eng)
2023-04-06 The people behind Back 2 Party, without whom, life would be total emptiness:) (Eng)
2023-04-06 Back 2 Party - The Craziest Show in Town, by Pandutzu & Andrei Musat (Eng)
2023-04-03 DELTA HEAVY just released "NO GRAVITY", and the good news is that you can hear it live at NOISEBREAK V (Eng)
2023-04-03 DELTA HEAVY comes in may to NOISEBREAK - CHAPTER V (Eng)
2023-03-31 Skrillex - the sold out artist from SAGA Festival, releases the album "Quest for Fire" (Eng)
2023-03-31 Who is Skrillex, the DJ who will perform at SAGA 2023 (Eng)
2023-03-31 Romanian artists perform at Saga Festival 2023 and the festival has a new location (Eng)
2023-03-31 Which artists will perform at Saga Festival 2023 (Eng)
2023-03-30 The Hollywood Vampires, the supergroup that includes Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry, returns to Bucharest on June 8, 2023 (Eng)
2023-03-30 Hollywood Vampires in concert at Romexpo (Eng)
2023-03-29 Ville Valo (HIM) comes to Romania at the Metalhead Meeting, together with Pantera (Eng)
2023-03-29 LIFE OF AGONY is playing at Metalhead Meeting 2023 (Eng)
2023-03-29 In 2023 Metalhead Meeting celebrates 10 years since the first edition (Eng)
2023-03-29 Pantera Healdlines the Metalhead Meeting 2023 (Eng)
2023-03-29 Summer in the City, the festival of 2023, brings Robbie Williams and Sam Smith to Bucharest.​​ (Eng)
2023-03-29 Daily Tickets for Robbie Williams, Sam Smith and the other artists coming to Summer in the City are available (Eng)
2023-03-29 When will Electric Castle 2023 take place. 10,000 tickets have already been sold for the new edition (Eng)
2023-03-29 Electric Castle announces the first news for the 2023 edition (Eng)
2023-03-29 What bands and artists are playing at Electric Castle 2023. Famous names will take the stage (Eng)
2023-03-29 There are only four months left until Electric Castle kicks off, and the organizers have announced the full line-up. (Eng)
2023-03-06 Bruce Dickinson Brings to Life the Music of John Lord and Deep Purple, with a Symphonic Orchestra - March 15, 2023 (Eng)
2023-03-06 Bilete Bruce Dickinson - The Music of Jon Lord & Deep Purple live at Sala Palatului, Bucharest (Eng)
2023-02-21 The legendary GUNS N' ROSES are coming to Bucharest, Romania on July 16, 2023! (Eng)
2023-01-30 SAGA Festival 2023 Line-up Just Landed! (Eng)
2023-01-23 Lords of the Sound - Music of Hans Zimmer (Swe)
2023-01-10 TAAKE & ANOMALIE perform on January 14th, 2023 in Quantic Club, Bucharest (Eng)
2022-12-14 ALTAR - album release @ Quantic in December 2022 (Eng)
2022-12-09 CAMO & KROOKED are coming to the Romanian Arenas (Eng)
2022-12-09 Arena DNB brings Camo and Krooked alongside a impresive line-up for the december 10th party (Eng)
2022-12-09 Camo & Krooked Play at Arenele Romane, exactly 11 years since their last visit to Romania (Eng)
2022-12-03 SoundArt Festival 2023 returns next year to the Quantic club on April 1, 2023 (Eng)
2022-12-02 Villagers of Ioannina City comes to România and performs two concerts in December, 2022 (Eng)
2022-12-02 Villagers of Ioannina City will perform in Club Quantic in Bucharest on December 4 (Eng)
2022-11-17 The German band U.D.O.,will perform in the Quantic Club in Bucharest on November 17, 2022. (Eng)
2022-11-17 U.D.O. @ Bucharest (Eng)
2022-11-07 Anneke van Giersbergen concert at Quantic (Eng)
2022-11-07 Anneke van Giersbergen will hold two concerts in Romania in 2022 (Eng)
2022-10-20 UNTOLD organizes The West Side Christmas Fair, and transforms Moghioros Park into a Theme Park (Eng)
2022-10-14 Depeche Mode starts a new World Tour, and the legendary band will hit Romania on July 26, 2023 (Eng)
2022-10-14 Electric Castle announces the first news for the 2023 edition (Eng)
2022-09-07 RED BULL RACING SHOW RUN Brings DJ UNDOO and DJ Hefe For a Complete Show (Eng)
2022-09-07 Oracle Red Bull Racing is coming to Bucharest on September 10 for a premiere show (Eng)
2022-08-25 Solstafir performs with Apocalyptica in Bucharest (Eng)
2022-08-25 Apocalyptica will hold a new concert in Bucharest on September 1, 2022, at the Roman Arenas (Eng)
2022-08-25 Apocalyptica concert in Bucharest on September 1 (Eng)
2022-08-22 EAST EUROPEAN COMIC CON - What you need to know, past - present - future (Eng)
2022-08-22 East European Comic Con 2022 All the info that you need - and a little bit extra (Eng)
2022-08-11 James Arthur, from Britain Has Voice, to the biggest stages in the world (Eng)
2022-08-11 James Arthur Concert 2022 – James Arthur Artis Info and Tickets (Eng)
2022-08-11 James Arthur At Arenele Romane, tickets and prices (Eng)
2022-08-10 Fall in Love Festival returns in September, in Mogoșoaia (Eng)
2022-08-10 Fall in Love Festival returns between September 2-4, in Mogoșoaia (Eng)
2022-07-19 Nightwish sings on August 1, 2022 at Romexpo (Eng)
2022-07-19 Nightwish comes to Bucharest to play at ROMEXPO on August 1st (Eng)
2022-07-18 The Event of the Summer, Calvin Harris lands an extraordinary show on the Romanian seaside (Eng)
2022-07-18 SAGA Presents Calvin Harris at Mamaia (Eng)
2022-06-21 Sold out for UNTOLD 2022. The first 10,000 subscriptions sold out immediately (Eng)
2022-06-21 UNTOLD 2022 put on sale the one-day tickets (Eng)
2022-06-21 UNTOLD Festival Adds Hardwell to Stellar 2022 Lineup (Eng)
2022-06-21 New names on the Galaxy and Alchemy scenes at Untold 2022 (Eng)
2022-06-21 J Balvin comes to UNTOLD 2022. (Eng)
2022-06-21 Adventure Global Talent are proud to be associated with the UNTOLD Festival (Eng)
2022-06-16 MORCHEEBA returns to Bucharest on June 24, 2022, at the Roman Arenas. Special guest: GOLAN. (Eng)
2022-06-16 June 24, a date to remember, Morcheeba plays live for their Romanian fans (Eng)
2022-06-16 Morcheeba to play live in Bucharest this June - a little history of the band (Eng)
2022-05-27 On June 7, EVANESCENCE will play in Bucharest at the Roman Arenas. (Eng)
2022-05-27 Evanescence concert in Bucharest in 2022 (Eng)
2022-05-27 Evanescence concert in our country: where we can hear Amy Lee live (Swe)
2022-05-27 Evanescence, once again in Romania on June 7 (Eng)
2022-05-27 Artists from 24 countries on the final Electric Castle 2022 poster (Eng)
2022-05-27 Warm-up for Electric Castle: an exclusive twenty-something experience at Cinema City (Eng)
2022-05-18 Hooverphonic at Arenele Romane on May 24,2022 (Eng)
2022-05-18 Hooverphonic concerts will take place in late spring (Eng)
2022-05-10 SAGA Festival 2022, at the National Arena. When will it take place and when will the first tickets go on sale? Read the whole news: SAGA Festival 2022 (Eng)
2022-05-10 What are the prices of the SAGA Festival tickets - see how much the 1 or 2 day tickets cost (Eng)
2022-05-10 SAGA Festival unveils second phase artist names for 2022 edition (Eng)
2022-05-10 SAGA Festival 2022. Complete list of confirmed artists (Eng)
2022-05-10 The second edition of the Saga Festival will take place between June 3 and 5 (Eng)
2022-05-04 In 2022, Hooverphonic returns to Romania for three concerts (Eng)
2022-05-03 Moonspell returns to Romania: everything you need to know about the 2022 concert (Eng)
2022-05-03 Moonspell performs in two of the biggest romanian cities, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca (Eng)
2022-05-03 Moonspell plays in Bucharest, Thursday, May 12, 2022 at the Roman Arenas, open air (Eng)
2022-04-24 Iron Maiden returns with a live performance to Bucharest, in May 2022 (Eng)
2022-04-24 The band Iron Maiden will play in Bucharest in 2022. The concert will take place at Romexpo (Eng)
2022-04-24 Dead can Dance - Where and how you can buy tickets (Eng)
2022-04-24 Dead can Dance, returns to Bucharest, with a huge event (Eng)
2022-04-19 Crowd is about to bounce. Trap acts added to the EC8 line-up. (Eng)
2022-04-06 Meet me at the Castle!!! Headliners! (Eng)
2022-04-06 Electric Castle 2022 - GET YOUR TICKETS! (Eng)
2022-04-06 Electric Castle confirms new headliners for the 8th edition of the festival (Eng)
2022-04-05 Transylvania, in a new light, as imagined by the creators of UNTOLD (Eng)
2022-04-05 Untold 2022 - The first 10,000 subscriptions have been sold out (Eng)
2022-04-05 UNTOLD 2022 The second round of artists is here (Eng)
2022-03-31 Electric Castle is one step from announcing the craziest line-up ever!!! (Eng)
2022-03-09 We are ONE! - Humanitary event to support the people of Ukraine! SLAVA UKRAINE!! (Eng)
2022-02-08 Major Lazer and Anne-Marie, for the first time in Romania, at Untold, between August 4th and 7th. Which artists complete the first line-up for the sev (Eng)
2022-02-02 Morcheeba concert at the Roman Arenas, Bucharest - Romania (Eng)
2022-01-25 Over 1,000 euros, the cost of accommodation packages in Poiana Brașov during the MASSIF Winter Festival (Eng)
2022-01-25 The mayor of Brașov, the first statements about Massif Winter 2022 (Eng)
2022-01-25 Massif Winter 2022 Concerts - What The creators of UNTOLD promise (Eng)
2022-01-23 UNTOLD will open its doors in 2022, between 4 and 7 August (Eng)
2022-01-22 Preparations have begun for the seventh chapter of UNTOLD (Eng)
2021-09-07 SAGA Festival 2021 takes place at Romaero Băneasa, a new location "much safer" than Izvor Park (Eng)
2021-09-07 SAGA Festival announces the Rave Pit ticket category, which offers access to the DJ booth (Eng)
2021-09-07 SAGA Festival 2021 - Lineup by day, new artists and tickets available for each day of the festival (Eng)
2021-09-07 Don Diablo will release his new album at the SAGA Festival on September 10th (Eng)
2021-09-07 SAGA Festival 2021 (Eng)
2021-09-07 Armin van Buuren announces exclusive Romanian solo show at ‘Sound of Bucharest’ (Eng)
2021-09-07 The Sound of Bucharest (Eng)
2021-09-07 Armin van Buuren returns to Bucharest for Sound of Bucharest Festival (Eng)
2021-09-07 Sound of Bucharest, a new festival confirmed in 2021 (Eng)
2021-09-06 UNTOLD 2021 - The program by days and scenes, with the current lineup (Eng)
2021-08-31 UNTOLD Festival 2021 Acces Details for the Festival (Eng)
2021-08-31 UNTOLD 2021, the first event in Romania with access based on the European digital certificate COVID-19 (Eng)
2021-08-24 Over 200 artists will perform at UNTOLD 2021 (Eng)
2021-08-23 Untold 2021: More artists join lineup of Romanian festival (Eng)
2021-07-21 We are back with some nice updates! More acts. More diversity. More flexibility. (Eng)
2021-07-12 Discover the ultimate online experience with The Official Untold Festival App! (Eng)
2021-07-12 UNTOLD Festival 2021 Reveals its Extraordinary Line-up! (Eng)
2021-07-12 We believe in you! ð??? Take 10 at the Baccalaureate and we reward you with a free subscription to UNTOLD 2021. #HaiCaPoti (Eng)
2021-07-07 The EC_Special line-up is here (Eng)
2021-07-06 EC Special Early birds end tonight, 23:59 (Eng)
2021-06-29 Combo packs are available! Festival pass & accommodation. ð??? (Eng)
2021-06-29 UNTOLD Festival 2021 (Eng)
2021-06-29 Here are some of the places that will be part of our EC_Special journey between Cluj and BonÈ?ida, on 6-15 August 2021. (Eng)
2021-06-28 Bontida Camping Available FOR ELECTRIC CASTLE SPECIAL 2021 (Eng)
2021-06-24 Special edition Electric Castle 2021. When will it actually take place and how much will the tickets cost (Eng)
2021-06-24 Electric Castle 2021, in a special version. Tickets, from June 10 (Eng)
2021-06-24 AVAILABLE NOW - Early Birds (Phase 1) for City Passes and Bontida Passes. (Eng)
2021-06-24 Electric Castle 2021 - special edition in August / E the second big festival announced for this summer, after Untold (Eng)
2021-06-24 Electric Castle 2021. Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz and Deftones, confirmed for eighth edition (Eng)
2021-06-24 \"Electric Castle Special\" reopens the stage for the great musical events of summer 2021 (Eng)
2021-06-22 Electric Castle Festival, Romania turns 10 - EC_Special 6-15 August 2021 (Eng)
2018-04-15 Jessie J and Groove Armada have been announced as headliners of Romania’s Electric Castle festival 2018. (Eng)
2018-04-15 An enchanted festival in a wonderful location: Electric Castle 2018 (Eng)
2018-04-15 More artists confirm performing at Untold 2018. The Chainsmokers, for the first time in Romania (Eng)
2018-04-14 Untold Festival dropped epic Phase 1 Line-up for their 2018 edition (Eng)
2018-04-14 Untold Festival reveals aftermovie, 2018 ticket details (Eng)
2018-04-14 First 15,000 passes for Romania’s Untold 2018 festival sold in minutes (Eng)
2017-07-16 New bands confirmed for Summer Well 2017 (Eng)
2017-07-16 Summer Well 2017 – Oh Wonder, The Bloody Beetroots (Eng)
2017-07-16 Summer Well 2016 eco-festival setting the soundtrack to your holidays (Eng)
2017-07-16 Kasabian at Summer Well Festival - remembering 2015 (Eng)
2017-07-15 SUMMER WELL Muses (Eng)
2017-07-15 Interpol Stops at Summer Well during their European Tour for 15th Anniversary of Turn on the Bright Lights (Eng)
2017-07-13 ONLY 5000 4DAY PASSES LEFT FOR UNTOLD (Eng)
2017-07-11 Untold Festival Lineup Taking Shape (Eng)
2017-07-11 Untold Festival in Cluj-Napoca, the best festival in Europe (Eng)
2017-07-11 Fratelli Group supports UNTOLD Festival! (Eng)
2017-07-11 Upcoming UNTOLD Festival goes outside the box with ticket-for-blood donation incentive campaign (Eng)
2017-07-11 Pay with blood: Transylvanian festival offers ticket discount for donors (Eng)
2017-07-11 Untold Festival 2015 - 20 locations and more than 150 artists (Eng)
2017-07-11 LOOKING BACK TO LAST YEAR -More than 70,000 spectators on opening day of Untold festival (Swe)
2017-07-11 First 11,000 passes for Untold Festival 2017 sold in less than three minutes (Eng)
2017-06-23 Prolyte products indispensable for the festival industry - UNTOLD FESTIVAL is an important user (Eng)
2017-06-23 Top high school graduates get free entry to UNTOLD (Eng)
2017-06-23 Blood donors get free entry to Romanian UNTOLD Festival (Eng)
2017-06-23 Sniffer dogs to check for drugs, explosives at UNTOLD festival in Romania (Eng)
2017-06-23 Organizers invest EUR 10 mln in Romania’s Untold festival (Eng)
2017-06-23 UNTOLD Festival makes is way towards the Third Chapter (Eng)
2017-06-21 BILETE / ŞTIRI Maya Jane Coles, în deschiderea show-ului Depeche Mode de la Cluj-Napoca (Eng)
2017-06-21 Depeche Mode a lansat „Spirit”! Noul album va putea fi ascultat live în concertul de la Cluj-Napoca (Eng)
2017-06-21 Suplimentare bilete la categoria Golden Circle, pentru concertul Depeche Mode de la Cluj-Napoca (Eng)
2017-06-21 Categorie de bilete SOLD OUT la concertul Depeche Mode de la Cluj-Napoca. Nou, pachete Early Entry (Eng)
2017-06-12 Depeche Mode vine in premiera, la Cluj (Eng)
2017-06-12 Depeche Mode vine in premiera, la Cluj (Eng)
2011-06-28 Mika and Pendulum come at B`EstFest Camp 2011 (Eng)
2011-06-20 Mika brings the joy to B`ESTFEST CAMP 2011 and Pendulum raises money for Japan (Eng)
2011-06-19 Get your tickets fast - Peninsula 2011 announces early-bird promotional sales (Swe)
2011-06-15 Peninsula 2011 turns green (Eng)
2011-06-09 Rock the City 2011 brings to the heart of Bucharest some of the biggest bands of the moment (Eng)
2011-05-23 Sting in Romania: concert at Bucharest in June (Eng)
2011-05-23 Sound barrier built around Zone Arena for the Roxette concert in Bucharest, Romania (Eng)
2011-05-23 VH2 and Magnolia, opening act for Roxette on May 30th @ Zone Arena, Bucharest - Romania (Eng)
2011-05-21 Sting and the The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra hit Europe with a Bang (Eng)
2011-05-19 New tickets cathegory for BON JOVI OPEN AIR - July 10th, Bucharest (Eng)
2011-05-16 BON JOVI LIVE IN BUCHAREST UPDATES: Golden Circle Sold Out and BON JOVI is interested in the Romanian culture and places (Swe)
2011-05-16 Bon Jovi rocks our hearts on July 10th in Piata Constitutiei, Bucharest - Romania (Eng)
2011-05-16 Meet & Greet Packs available starting May 13th and one ticket cathegory solds out (Eng)
2011-04-26 Smiley and Bosquito open the incendiary live performance from Shakira, this May, in Bucharest! (Eng)
2011-04-26 Shakira brings Piata Constitutiei to the boiling point this May (Eng)
2011-04-26 Shakira brings Piata Constitutiei to the boiling point this May (Eng)
2011-04-18 ROXETTE rides with joy at Zone Arena, in Bucharest (Eng)
2011-04-13 Rock the City 2011, Bucharest - Romania (Eng)
2011-04-08 Christian Becker & Avenue and Trooper, opening act for Scorpions, 09.06.2011, Bucharest- Romania! (Eng)
2011-03-28 A last farewell from Scorpions, June 9th - Bucharest, Romania (Eng)
2011-03-16 New and big names come to complete de line-up for B’ESTFEST 2011 (Swe)
2011-03-04 Pendulum promisses to wake up the dead at B’ESTFEST (Eng)
2010-09-21 Ozzy Osbourne to Bucharest, Romania (Eng)