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Delia presents the album "Flex" on November 21 and it comes with a twist. | FESTIVALPHOTO

Delia presents the album "Flex" on November 21 and it comes with a twist.



Delia presents the album "Flex", a 13-track foray into the artist's universe. The event takes place at the largest new media art center in Southeast Europe VIDEO

The tracklist of the album "Flex" includes 13 tracks, as follows: "Gustul care te fura", "OTZL GLTZ", "Lololo", "Sirena Apelor", "Nu pot", "Flex", as well as the collaborations with HVNDS for "SKNDL", "Tot ce vrei" with Adrian Despot", "Jimmy Samurai" with Oana Matache, "eRAI" with Antonia, "Fără Te merau" with Connect-R, "Cum am sițu" with Killa Fonic and "How was" with NANE.

Delia, "Flex" album release

The presentation of the "Flex" album takes place on November 21, at the MINA Museum
The wait is over and Delia's fans can enjoy the new album "Flex" on digital stores.

The songs on the album were composed by Delia and produced by Alex Cotoi. The "Flex" album can be pre-ordered from the website starting on November 8.

On November 21, Delia will present the album live in a special event at MINA Museum, the first immersive space in Romania and the largest new media art center in Southeast Europe. Innovative, chameleonic and always one step ahead of trends, Delia is practically the first artist in Romania to organize such an event where elements from digital art join music, scenography and create a versatile space that will introduce fans to the Universe its creative and full of surprises. There will also be special guests including Connect-R, NANE, HVNDS and Oana Matache, as well as other guests to be announced in the near future.

"Finally, I can flex...with the album «Flex». I've been waiting a long time for the release of the album and it's finally happening. Enjoy and see you on November 21 at the Mina Museum to enjoy «Flex» live", said Delia.
If you want to experience such a unique event, tickets are available exclusively on at the price of 490 lei.

At the event at MINA Museum, the album will be available for the first time in physical CD and vinyl format, and from November 22nd in Cărturesți.

One of the most iconic artists of the pop genre and a songwriter with numerous hits composed by herself, Delia is constantly at the top of the music charts with dozens of hits released in over 20 years of activity. Her artistic universe is in continuous development, and this is most visible in her sold-out shows at Sala Palatului: "Deliria", "Psihedelia", "Acadelia", the outdoor shows at Verde Stop Arena: "Cum era" and "Rockadelia" or the exclusive event "Delia's Winter Wonderland" at the National Theater in Bucharest, which always surprises with the most creative ideas.

Delia marks a full year from a musical point of view, with songs and collaborations that conquered the public in Romania, including "Fără Te Merau" with Connect-R, "Lololo", "Sirena Apelor" and "SKNDL" with HVNDS.


Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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