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The Coldplay concerts in Bucharest are SOLD OUT | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Coldplay concerts in Bucharest are SOLD OUT



The popularity of the Coldplay band in Romania was confirmed, if it was necessary, by the speed with which the tickets were sold out. The band will perform at the National Arena in Bucharest on June 12 and 13, 2024.

Coldplay band (2023) │ PHOTO: James Marcus Haney

Coldplay will come to Romania for the first time next year, on the occasion of the "Music Of The Spheres World Tour". Originally scheduled for a concert on June 12, 2024, the British band announced a second show on June 13. The reason was the huge number of fans and the "fight" for tickets.

Tickets sold like hot cakes

Coldplay in Romania was more like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All the fans tried to get their hands on a golden ticket, which would transport them into the magical world that the band creates at every concert. The first tranche of tickets went on sale on Tuesday, July 25, for those already registered on the official Coldplay website. Based on a presale code, fans could get faster access to tickets. It cannot be said that it was faster because virtual queues were formed, exceeding the order of tens of thousands. Obviously, along with this upheaval, ticketing sites have experienced bugs and technical issues.

Today, July 28, the second stage of ticket sales took place. The story repeated itself, the virtual queues formed again, and the tickets for the two Coldplay concerts sold out. Lucky fans, but especially patient ones, got a seat at some live shows that promise to be "once-in-a-lifetime".

*At the time of writing, only a few VIP packages are still available.

Hope Dies Last aka Infinity Tickets

Those who have not managed to buy a ticket for the Coldplay concerts should not lose hope. Coldplay have confirmed that they will make a limited number of Infinity Tickets available to the public at a later date. The band is launching Infinity Tickets for each concert, in order to ensure that ticket prices for the events of the "Music Of The Spheres World Tour" are affordable for fans. Infinity Tickets will cost approximately 20 EURO. Orders for these tickets will be limited to 2 per fan and can only be purchased in pairs of two seats (side-by-side).

How much did the tickets cost for the Coldplay concerts in Bucharest?

Access tickets were available at prices between 199 lei and 725 lei. There were also VIP packages that ranged between 990 lei and 4915 lei. Bare in mind that an euro is approx 5 lei, if you want to have an approximative cost of the tickets in Romania

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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