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Parkway Drive & Chelsea Grin, Bucharest 2023 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Parkway Drive & Chelsea Grin, Bucharest 2023


Parkway Drive & Chelsea Grin

Thursday, June 29, 2023
Start time
Access time / gate opening
Location type
Cultural Centers & Institutes
Romanian Arenas, Bucharest

Organized by
Best Music Live Concerts

Parkway Drive performs a concert on June 29 at the Roman Arena. The guests are the Americans from Chelsea Grin. Parkway Drive comes from Australia and has been playing for 20 years, being one of the most popular metal bands in the world.

Parkway Drive & Chelsea Grin concert tickets

WILD EYES (A) - 317.9 lei
VICE GRIP (B) - 276.71 lei
THE VOID (C) - 194.33 lei
PREMIUM - 523.85 lei

Influenced by big names of the international scene such as Slayer, Iron Maiden or Rage Against the Machine, Parkway Drive have put their own stamp on music, proving it by releasing seven studio material that reached the charts around the world.

The latest album, titled "Darker Still", was given to fans last year, being well received by both the public and critics. Parkway Drive continues under the same formula since 2006, when bassist Jia 'Pie' O'Connor joined the band. The other members are the same since the beginning of the activity in 2003.

Chelsea Grin hail from the United States and have been active since 2007, during which time they have released six studio records. Although it is one of the most famous deathcore bands, in Chealse Grin's music you can also identify doom or black metal influences and even symphonic in some places. Among the bands that influenced them are Slayer, A Perfect Circle, Whitechapel or Emmure.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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