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Five Finger Death Punch performs for the first time in Romania | FESTIVALPHOTO

Five Finger Death Punch performs for the first time in Romania



Five Finger Death Punch

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Start time
Access time / gate opening
Location type
Exhibition centers
Romexpo, Bucharest
Organized by BestMusic Live Concerts Metalhead

Five Finger Death Punch is playing a concert on June 14 at Romexpo. The event celebrates 19 years of METALHEAD in Romania. The first 500 tickets in each category go on sale on March 3rd at earlybird prices.

Five Finger Death Punch concert tickets at Romexpo

WAY OF THE FIST (A) - no seat in front of the stage - 399 lei earlybird (first 500) tickets, 409 lei in the press and 450 lei at the entrance
BAD COMPANY (B) - no seat, behind category A - 309 lei earlybird (first 500 tickets), 329 lei in the press and 350 lei at the entrance
WRONG SIDE (C) - no seat, behind category B - 239 lei earlybird (the first 500 tickets), 259 lei in the press and 300 lei at the entrance
PREMIUM - 699 lei - on the elevated platform, close to the stage, with bar and separate access

*PREMIUM ticket holders have access to all ticket categories.

**Children under the age of 7 have free access, but must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket.

***The ticket issuing commission of the ticketing agency is added to the price of all tickets.

Five Finger Death Punch hails from Nevada, formed in 2005 and released 9 studio albums. The debut disc sold over 500,000 copies in the United States alone, and the following two surpassed 1 million and were certified Platinum by the RIAA. With its charismatic and mysterious lead singer, Ivan Moody, Five Finger Death Punch headlines many festivals around the world, and their latest album, Afterlife, has been promoted worldwide by touring with Megadeth and The Hu.

The band's name is inspired by a classic martial arts movie. Five Finger Death Punch combines several styles, from heavy metal to groove metal, alternative metal, hard rock or thrash metal, and songs like "Wrong Side of Heaven", "Blue on Black", "Bad Company", "Gone Away " or "A Little Bit Off", will remain in the musical history of the metal genre for years to come.


Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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