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HÆLOS open the Depeche Mode concert in Bucharest | FESTIVALPHOTO

HÆLOS open the Depeche Mode concert in Bucharest



HÆLOS open the Depeche Mode concert in Bucharest

British trip hop band HÆLOS will open the Depeche Mode concert, which will take place at the National Arena in Bucharest, on July 26, 2023. The band joins the "Memento Mori" world tour, Depeche Mode's 19th tour and the first after more than five years. Tickets for the Bucharest concert are available on the and networks.

HÆLOS is a British electronic music band formed in 2014. Band members are Arthur Delaney, Lotti Benardout and Dom Goldsmith. Their sound is influenced by trip-hop and shoegaze music, but weaves these influences with a modern and sophisticated style. HÆLOS released the debut album "Full Circle" (2016) and "Any Random Kindness" (2019).

Each song composed by the band seems to provide a map of a long journey from despair to relief, from stress to refuge, reflecting the dynamics of urban life. Their sound is like a ritual, a process of managing difficult moments. Their songs remind us of the same deserted streets at dawn, surrounding us with the music of electronic music artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead or other artists who found catharsis after the era of raves in the 90s.

The "Memento Mori" tour follows the March release of the self-titled album, Depeche Mode's fifteenth studio material.

Discussing Memento Mori, Martin Gore stated:

"We started working on this project at the beginning of the pandemic, and the themes of the material are directly inspired by that period. After the loss of Fletch, we decided to continue, being convinced that this is what he would have wanted, and this only gave the project a special meaning".

“Fletch would have loved this album. We can't wait to bring it to you live," added Dave Gahan.

Depeche Mode tickets from the National Arena in Bucharest

Tickets for the Depeche Mode concert at the National Arena in Bucharest, on July 26, 2023, can be purchased from the and networks, at several price categories, depending on the seating position.

Standing A (on the field, no seat, in front of the stage), 655 lei
Standing B (on the field, no seat, behind Standing A), 375 lei
Category 1, 655 lei
Category 2, 505 lei
Category 3, 405 lei
Category 4, 305 lei
Category 5, 255 lei
Platinum, 1300 lei
Platinum Seating 2, 1000 lei
Platinum Seating 3, 890 lei

The Depeche Mode concert at the National Arena in Bucharest is organized by Emagic.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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