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UNTOLD organizes The West Side Christmas Fair, and transforms Moghioros Park into a Theme Park | FESTIVALPHOTO

UNTOLD organizes The West Side Christmas Fair, and transforms Moghioros Park into a Theme Park



The Christmas market in Drumul Taberei Park, organized until now by the Sector 6 City Hall, will be organized this year by the company that organizes the Neversea and Untold festivals. The municipality does not give any money.

"This year I want the "West Side Christmas" Christmas Fair, in Sector 6 to be really elegant and special. And, with the same objective as last year, to be financially self-supporting. It was possible, it can be done again, but more attractive, more visited, more professionally organized.

It was great last year, but now we've set out to raise the bar with the help of the pros. This year it will be organized in Drumul Taberei Park by UNTOLD Universe, creator of the famous Neversea and UNTOLD festivals, in partnership with Sector 6 City Hall.

The organizers proposed to transform the place into the biggest and coolest Christmas theme park in the Capital", wrote mayor Ciprian Ciucu on the Facebook page.

"West Side Christmas" will open its doors on November 25. Until December 27, UNTOLD organizers are preparing workshops and workshops for children and adults, light shows, activities and magical experiences. All this will take place over the entire surface of the dry lake basin.

The project is organized by the UNTOLD Universe group and is entirely financed by private funds, based on a space rental contract signed with the City Hall of Sector 6.

Access will be free, and the schedule and attractions of the biggest Christmas event will be announced in the coming period.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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