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We are ONE! - Humanitary event to support the people of Ukraine! SLAVA UKRAINE!! | FESTIVALPHOTO

We are ONE! - Humanitary event to support the people of Ukraine! SLAVA UKRAINE!!



Music knows no boundaries or differences between people. Music always brings us together. This is our strongest faith. We are ONE! In the most difficult times, it is our duty to join forces and help.

Join us on Saturday, March 12, on the National Arena, at the biggest humanitarian event ever organized in Romania and let's support the Ukrainian people.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Romanian Red Cross. YOUR TICKET IS YOUR DONATION FOR UKRAINIANS IN NEED.

For every million people who are afraid, there are one million people who are not afraid to help. Today, this is our mission, to help the Ukrainian people. TOGETHER, WE ARE ONE!

SAGA Festival, PRO TV, KISS FM and Bucharest City Hall join forces for the largest live charity concert in Romania, in order to help Ukrainians who are in an extremely difficult situation at the moment.

Romania is actively involved in helping victims. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have left their homes and are now refugees in our country, and the number is expected to increase.

Be part of the movement and come on Saturday, March 12, on the National Arena, to an event with people for people. Over 8 hours of live show supported by the most beloved Romanian and international artists.

"Through WE ARE ONE and at the same time with the power of music, we want to increase the global awareness of the need for help of Ukrainians. We want to turn this event into a real help for those who are in dire need of support in these difficult times. Watching carefully all the events and the whole current situation, I decided, together with the team, that we need to do something. We took our values ​​into account and that's how we created WE ARE ONE. During the 8 hours of the live charity concert, we will be with the Ukrainians, united by music and hope for peace, "said Allan Hardenberg, CEO of ALDA.

″ From the first day, PRO TV declared its support for the Ukrainian people, who are so badly affected by this dramatic situation. We have intervened in a tangible way, offering real support to several important NGOs in Romania, such as the Romanian Red Cross, so that they can reach a very large number of people, in order to offer the Ukrainians the help they have so much. need. We are happy to join forces with ALDA in a charity concert, as we believe that in these times of terror and stress, we can create a movement that will surely help those in need, "said Aleksandras Cesnavicius, CEO of PRO TV .

"We are witnesses and participants in an unprecedented solidarity of Romanians with Ukrainian neighbors. As co-organizer, together with Saga Festival and PRO TV, we are with our partners from the Romanian Red Cross, who will direct the resulting funds to the hard-tried Ukrainian people. Top artists from Romania and abroad will demonstrate on the National Arena that music is the best opportunity for unity, collective emotion and generosity. They will show once again that music means peace, not war ", said Florin Ciobîcă, General Manager of AG Radio Holding.

"We fully support the large-scale efforts to help Ukraine and show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Therefore, the Bucharest City Hall partnered with the Romanian Red Cross, the SAGA Festival, PRO TV and KISS FM and decided to offer the National Arena in Bucharest for free to be the venue for the charity concert for the benefit of Ukrainians ", said Nicușor Dan, the mayor of Bucharest.


Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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