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The story goes on, and Winterfest Romania returns with 2 sensational weekends in two of the most lively and beautiful counties in the country.

Reaching its 5th edition, the festival promotes freedom, snow sports, youthful spirit and a thirst for adrenaline through the initiative of a young team, eager to highlight local attractions and promote the idea of ​​entertainment.

In 2022, the check-in for the 6 days of fun at the highest levels will take place in February, on the slopes of Mărișel and Poiana Brașov, where both mountain lovers and festival rhythms, as well as sports enthusiasts winter will meet again to revolutionize the fun.

To help participants keep their strength fresh throughout the event, the Apres Ski at the base of the slope will maintain the atmosphere between sports competitions and musical moments and will provide both a lounge area where you can breathe and snacks. and the drinks you need to enjoy the mountain weekend even more.

Being a festival meant to put the spotlight on local beauties, the program will also include creative activities, games and good mood facilitated by the special leisure area, so you have no reason not to shout present at this winter's edition.

This year, in addition to the guaranteed fun, we provide you with 360 protection before and during the event. Thus, we have included in the ticket extended benefits for your safety: Reimbursement Insurance Anything by which you recover 90% of the value paid on the ticket, if you can no longer reach the accident insurance for the Festival period, which covers your medical expenses.

@ Mărișel - Powered by Kaufland
February 4-7, 2022

@ Poiana Brașov - Powered by Kaufland
February 18-21, 2022



DJ Sauce

Adrian Șaguna

Ichim & Keeble

ZDA & DJ Shiver


Suburbia 11

Argatu ’& Santa Martin




Gojira & Planet H

At Winterfest 2022 you have 360 ​​protection included!
Every year, at Winterfest we provide unforgettable experiences! And we try to think of everything, especially in the uncertain context that we all go through. That's why, this year, we made sure that, in addition to the extensive fun package we have prepared for you, we also provide you with the protection you need. Tickets for the 5th edition of Winterfest are now available with 360 protection included. Both before and during the event.

What this means?

That you can calmly get your ticket to Winterfest. And if something unforeseen happens and you can't get there, you recover 90% of the value paid on the ticket based on the Reimbursement @ Anything insurance. Even if you have a positive test at SARSCov2 that keeps you at home during the event.

And this is not all. Snow sports can sometimes be unpredictable. Accidents happen, we all know. At Winterfest, you no longer have to worry about expenses that would be necessary in the event of a "God forbid". Because you now have in the package and accident insurance (Respect) valid for the Festival period, which will cover your medical expenses within certain limits, in case of need.

These two insurances are offered in partnership with Eurolife FFH through Proximus Broker.

Risks covered

Covered medical risks

How do you get insurance?

What should you do if a covered event breaks your plan?

Acceptance criteria in insurance
Access is allowed for the following categories of people:
- vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 virus and for which 10 days have elapsed since the completion of the complete vaccination schedule
- showing a negative result of an RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection not older than 72 hours or a certified negative result of a rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection not older than 48 hours for hours
- which is in the period from the 15th to the 180th day following the confirmation of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Writer: Vlad Ionut Piriu
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