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Psycho Choke have signed with 7Hard | FESTIVALPHOTO

Psycho Choke have signed with 7Hard


Psycho Choke - the quintet from Greece signed to 7hard records for a global publish of their new album "Unraveling Chaos", and came up with the fresher hardcore release of 2010. Mixed and mastered at the Hansen studios (Denmark) by Jacob Hansen (Nightrage, Heaven Shall Burn, Volbeat) and wrapped up with the insane art of the voice of Septic Flesh, Seth Siro Anton (Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Exodus, Heaven Shall Burn e.t.c.).

Louder than hell, aggressive, optimistic and happily violent Psycho Choke deliver a special blend of nerve striking vibes with eastern and western grooves under a soft touch of discrete poetry. With a little help from Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), Marios Iliopoulos and Olof Mork (Nightrage) and Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Anubis Gate) "Unraveling Chaos" is the album that every metal core fan will talk about for months. Play it on high volume and let the waves destroy your eardrums.

From Guitarist Gus G: “Psycho Choke is a band from my town and I've known them for many years. They always recorded quality music and play intense live shows. I was happy to jam on their new album and I wish them nothing but the best!”

From Guitarist Marios Iliopoulos: “Psycho Choke are one of the best metal bands in Greece they have played for 10 years now and they have made great shows and create the best atmosphere on their live appearances, this albums reflects all the passion and the great energy of those guys and when they asked me to play a guest on their album, I didn’t have to think twice, rock on guys.”

From Jacob Hansen: "These guys are the bomb! Coming out of Greece, you might not expect international quality metal, but that is exactly what this lot delivers!"

Unraveling Chaos track list:
1. Intro
2. Freedom In a Bottle Of Scotch
3. Get Down (featuring solo from Gus G)
4. Death by words
5. Streetwise (featuring solos from Marios Iliopoulos & Olof Morck)
6. Obey
7. Swamp (featuring Jacob Hansen on backing vocals)
8. Fire in the Hole
9. Dummy

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Writer: Mikael Johansson
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