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Ereb Altor: The End | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ereb Altor: The End



Napalm/Sound Pollution

EREB ALTOR is Erik (all instruments) and Mats (all vocals) (ISOLE), and the other way around. I was lucky enough to review their debut, and here comes the follow-up. With doom as a foundation they create epic Viking metal that echoes of BATHORY`S “Twilight of the Gods”. That very album happens to be one of my old favorites, so without further hesitation I press play.

The age of Vikings, hairy, weather worn men away on hopelessly long pillage tours, what can be more metal? Since the age of QUARTHON it has been that way, and EREB ALTOR emphasizes that truth. This is not ultra brutal or ultra fast; it is simply very typical of that era. In spite of the obviously misplaced electrical instruments I can see Vikings if I close my eyes. It is enough with the opening prologue to bring those images forth. It is a grateful setting for storytelling, and “Myrding” just goes along with the feeling. Just put on your wolf skin and start. On their debut “By Honour” they avoided to sing in Swedish too, probably too trendy for them. The epic title track is divided into three movements, all hovering on subjects like war, hard winters and Gods. It is all in the same vein of old Nordic metal, nowadays known as Viking Metal. The songs might be a bit too close to each other at times, but the spirit of the early nineties is there. There are bands like PRIMORDIAL that does the folky parts better, but old BATHORY fans might find what they look for here. Al hail EREB ALTOR, imagine that an addition to the old Dragons and Demons role play could turn out this well musically!

Track List
The Entering- Myrding Prologue
Our Failure
A New But Past Day
Vargavinter - The End Part I
Balder´s Fall - The End Part II
The Final War - The End Part III

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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