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Mael Mordha Stream new song | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mael Mordha Stream new song

Mael Mordha New Song Streaming and Album Artwork Posted Online

6th May 2010: Mael Mordha, the world’s only Gaelic Doom Metal band, has posted a new song; ‘The Doom of the Races of Éire’ from its forthcoming album 'Manannán,' on the bands Myspace page Manannán will be released worldwide on May by Grau Records. The album’s artwork can now be seen on the band’s website

Commenting on a number of illegal file-sharing sites already offering downloads of the album, singer Roibéard Ó Bogail said; “I have heard a few of these versions and thought my ears had broken. Reason being, I sounded like I was singing much higher than I had remembered doing when this album was recorded. Then I saw the length of the songs were shorter. The penny then dropped. Whatever idiots uploaded the album had sped the whole thing up. I’d hate for people to hear this stuff and wonder if the guy singing had been sucking helium or was going through puberty again!”

The album was recorded at Apollo Studios in Dublin’s world famous cultural quarter, Temple Bar and produced by Mael Mordha and Anders Bomberg.

The album’s track listing is as follows:
Through the Lungs of the Dead
The Summoning
The Doom of the Races of Éire
Our Ancestors Dwell Here
A Nation in Ruins
The Gaelic Twilight
Back To Éire

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Writer: Mikael Johansson
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