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Tygers Of Pan Tang: Noises from the Cathouse +3 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Tygers Of Pan Tang: Noises from the Cathouse +3



Angel Air/Border

THE TYGERS OF PAN TANG have been a going concern since 2000, after their more famed opening round of 1979-1982 before imploding. Their initial quest for the spotlight is of cause the most noted with names like Jess Cox, Jon Deverill and John Sykes bandied about. But as in the cases of BLACK SABBATH and KISS their latter day incarnations have been far more stable and productive, albeit downtrodden. I have been fortunate enough to review most of the second wave TYGERS over the years and also followed their fortunes around various record companies and members. So...what about this release?

This album was recorded in 2003, released by Communique in 2004 and the result of Robb Weir listening to heavier stuff at the time. Around 2000 “Mystical” was released, but soon forgotten as the band lost its vocalist at the time (Tony Liddle) swiftly afterwards. The band was recommended Richie Wicks, who had been singing and playing bass in an incarnation of ANGEL WITCH. The rest of the line up was the eternal Robb on guitars, Dean “Deano” Robertson on lead guitars, Brian West (ex. TAURUS)on bass and drummer Craig Ellis, who is still around today, alongside Robb, the rest have all left.

I must confess to being hooked on “Bad Bad Kitty”! The remastered disc enhances the bass and drums in my ears, and provides the punch the original recording lacked. The two versions of “Highspeed Highway Superman”, two wheeled version is a bonus, the first one must be the four wheel, or possibly 4x4, are both good. “Cybernation” is a surprise, it´s very un-TYGERS, but still not bad. I tend to go more for “The Spirit Never Dies”, which suits Richie´s voice too. Most of the album is un-TYGERY. It´s heavier and in that case unfamiliar, but still has its moments-the original ending of “Master of Illusion”, especially. I still like the way it all comes out, even though it´s not their finest moment. I still regard their first albums as their best, but “Ambush” is also great, with “Animal Instinct” being the first sign of a return to form. Even if it meant back to “same ol´”. The two other bonus tracks are the classics; “Slave to Freedom” and “Don´t Touch Me There”. This must be the fourth return to these classics by yet another vocalist, but Richie fares well in the competition. Especially “Don´t...” was given a bit a new lease with almost barbershop like background vocals. Not bad...that sums it all up...but it´s perhaps mostly for the daring!

Track List
Bad Bad Kitty
Highspeed Highway Superman
Running Man
The Spirit Never Dies
Three in a Bed
Deja Vu
Master of Illusion

Bonus Tracks
Highspeed Highway Superman (Two Wheeled Version)
Slave to Freedom
Don´t Touch Me There

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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