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Blitzkrieg: A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary Edition | FESTIVALPHOTO

Blitzkrieg: A Time of Changes - 30th Anniversary Edition



Metal Nation Records

In 1980 SPLIT IMAGE formed with Sarah Aldwinkle on vocals. As she left and Brian Ross joined BLITZKRIEG formed and the NWOBHM got a major injection. Albeit the first part of the fun only lasted until 1981 their first demo was proof of a forthcoming career. Or what about a three track cassette featuring “Blitzkrieg”, “Inferno” and “Armageddon”? But they didn´t wait long until the single “Buried Alive” b/w “Blitzkrieg” was released on Neat Records.
The line-up was rather shortlived in those days as Brian sang, guitars were handled by Ian Jones (R.I.P.) and Jim Sirotto, bass by Steve English and drums by Steve Abbey. Still their output lay the foundation for a long career, making an impression on a-o. A young Dane in the States still making his mind up whether to play tennis or go all in with his garage band METALLICA...

Today there has been a long list of members as the band move forward with the ubiquitous Brian on vocals, his son Alan on guitars, as well as long serving slinger Ken Johnson, Bill Baxter on bass and newly recruited drummer Matt Graham. As the original album was probably stuck in record company hell they decided on rerecording it.

Opener “Ragnarok” is one of the few worthy openers around. Here it has been beefed up in the studio to add to the impression. As “Inferno” fills my speakers I wonder of the likes will ever be recorded again. This is definitely one of the best riffs of the era, and well on par with the easiness that JUDAS PRIEST rocked the world back in the early eighties. All sweaty and worked up I realise that the same old barrage of the debut awaits. “Blitzkrieg” may be the backward riff off FOCUS old progressive chestnut but the trick of turning things around worked for DEEP PURPLE too. The sing-along moment of the album is no doubt “Pull the Trigger”. A serious subject becomes heavy metal mania, here even augmented by Messrs. Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsay of SATAN. The next song is “Armageddon” which is more melodic, but still unmistakeably BLITZKRIEG. The vocals are classic British from the muffled verse to the high-pitched shirieks that HALFORD would be strained to replicate today. The guitars buts be twice as long as normal too as the notes never end in the duel. “Take a Look Around” is a reflection of the no doubt rather grim 1980 that meant that the Leicester lads had time on their hands to play heavy metal. “Hell to Pay” is slightly less in your face, but after the first six tracks a less intense moment means catching your breath! “Vikings” opt for an epic flare as the waves roll in before the twin guitars take over. The title track is more hidden here, but what a hidden gem. The lyrics are intriguing, the arrangements a bit more...should I say progressive, and there are actually several movements here. Still it rocks and is one of the highlights. “Saviour” is missing in my downloaded file. I never really loved it so I don´t argue too much about it. But is´s track that BLITZKRIEG has skipped live for a long time. The bonuses are “Too Wild to Tame”, a track that ended up with AVENGER as Brian moved ship, as well as another central character, Mick Moore. Rather a lot of Rock´n`Roll disguised as heavy metal and with a stubborn refrain that lingers. The major crash of the album is the album closer, the unreleased bonus track “Jealous Love”. It should have been kept under wraps! It is really a rhyming that is below Brian´s dignity and the acoustic backing is more like a watered down DEEP PURPLE 10 years ago in a pub... It is sad to end such a great album with such a low note. I almost scrapped the 5/5 mark...but no, just a temporary lapse. Here´s to the next 10 years Brian!

Track List
Pull the Trigger
Take a Look Around
Hell to Pay
A Time of Changes

Bonus Tracks
Too Wild to Tame
Jealous Love (Unreleased)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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