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Avatarium: The Girl with the Raven Mask | FESTIVALPHOTO

Avatarium: The Girl with the Raven Mask



Nuclear Blast/Warner

AVATARIUM `S debut back in 2013 was probably not unnoticed as it featured CANDLEMASS mastermind Leif Edling on bass, but bass only. The line-up may consist of names that has been in connection with Leif in the past; Marcus Jidell (ex. EVERGREY, ex. ROYAL HUNT, ex. CANDLEMASS live, guitars, Carl Westholm (ex. CANDLEMASS, ex. ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA) and Lars Sköld (LEIF EDLING, TIAMAT) on drums. To add some spice Leif added Jennie-Ann Smith on vocals, wife of Marcus as it happens. This was and is the bunch that stirred up some attention back in 2013, can they capitalise on it?

The title track opens up, as it should be. I will never call it a CANDLEMASS copy as it is slightly faster, and there are the keys in more generous splashes. There is something contagious about it, maybe even mesmerizing. “The January Sea” is lead heavy though, more in the vein of the big C but more 70-ies inclined and less sing-along friendly. It seems AVATARIUM is about Leif aiming towards a more seventies orientated and heavily keyboards speckled sound. The atmosphere is more in focus than with his daytime band, e.g. “Pearls and Coffins” and the almost hypnotic “Hypnotized”. Ghostlight” becomes a favourite. The grooves and the almost tangible heaviness together with the fat refrain really what I think this band is all about. The Same goes for “Run Killer Run” which is almost sing-along material after all. There is more guitar too which fits like a glove. The last two are more forgettable because they are more depressive and German in style. I think AVATARIUM has a place on the doom circuit but only if they steer clear of the more depressive parts and go for a distinctly seventies orientated psycho-doom variety!

Track List
The Girl with the Raven Mask
The January Sea
Pearls and Coffins
Run Killer Run
Iron Mule
The Master Thief

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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