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Pat Travers band: Live at the Iridium NYC | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pat Travers band: Live at the Iridium NYC



Pat Travers Band: Live at the Iridium NYC

Pat Travers is still going strong, and turning 61 has apparently not been an issue. The band also includes Kirk McKim, guitars/vocals, Sandy Gennaro, drums, and Rodney O´Quinn, bass/vocals.

All in all they have about 20 studio albums to chose from but the halcyon years of Pat were no doubt betwixt the late seventies to the mid-eighties.They open with a single, “Rock´n´Roll Susie” from 1977 and the lion part of the album is firmly ensconced in the seventies. But I do enjoy their 2013 album “Can Do”from 2013, which is also featured. There is also room for a Ray Charles cover (“I Got News for You”) and an ending of “Black Betty”. But the band are really in the blues and the have the audience eating from their hands. I bet he will go on for years and years yet!

Track List
Rock´n´Roll Suzie
Gettin´ Betta
Crash and Burn
Heat in the Street
I´ve Got News for You
Ask me Baby
La La La Love You
Lone Wolf Red House
If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
Black Betty

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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