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Foreigner;: Best of 4 and More | FESTIVALPHOTO

Foreigner;: Best of 4 and More




FOREIGNER has a history of fame and fortune much longer than the average band member´s history with the band. Holding the flag is ubiquitous guitarist Mick Jones, the rest of the band are; Thom Gimbel, guitars, flute, saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals, Jeff Pilson (ex. DOKKEN), bass, backing vocals, Kelly Hansen (ex. HURRICANE) , lead vocals, Michael Bluestein, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals and Chris Frazier, drums and percussion. They´ve even had Bruce Watson filling in for an apparently not all that healthy Mick Jones during 2011 and for sometime afterwards. Nine studio albums is the foundation of the band, or, in fact the first five. With this album they celebrate “4”, which was logically number four and their 6.000.000 seller charting at number one in North America. That is just cause for celebration!

They´ve skipped three songs off “4”, and instead they round off with “Hot Blooded” off “Double Vision and the obligatory “I want to Know What Love Is” off “Agent Provocateur” before ending it all with “Jukebox Hero” from 1977. The musical performance is immaculate, the audience very present at times. It was recorded at the Borgata Hotel´s Music Box venue in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in October 2014. And it was of cause supported by a Crowdfunding campaign as is customary these days. Most of the material is high class, but the probably less played “Girl On the Moon” feels like an inclusion for the sake of it. Mick seems a bit worried about not making up and reuniting with Lou Gramm and the more originals the merrier, even though Kelly Hansen does a fine job, as he´s always been doing since his HURRICANE days. I wish I could be more thrilled about this one but many of the songs have been played to death over the years...

Track List
Night Life
Woman in Black
Waiting for a Girl Like You
Break It Up
Girl On the Moon
Say You Will
Feels Like the First Time
Cold as Ice
Hot Blooded
I Want to Know What Love Is
Jukebox Hero

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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