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Work of Art: Framework | FESTIVALPHOTO

Work of Art: Framework




WORK OF ART releases their third album since 2008, still with an appetite for the golden age of AOR. The trio of Lars Säfsund, vocals and keyboards, Robert Säll, guitars and Herman Furin, drums are back again with a heap of well-written and arranged gems. On bass they have Andreas Olsson on as a guest. Their previous outings, the self-titled from 2008 and “In Progress” from 2011 were both magnificent though highly derivative of their seventies and eighties heroes.

If you think AOR, MOR and definitely eighties TOTO, in a Scandinavian way, I need not say more in this review. Sharp refrains are really in abundance here and a track like “The Turning Point”, which isn´t bad in itself, feels almost inferior in this company. Because after being bombarded with refrains like “Shout till You Wake Up”, “How Will I Know”, “Can´t Let Go”, “The Machine”, “Natalie” and “My Waking Dream” I get a bit peckish. Second worst on here to me is “Over the Line”. But that highly 80´s US AOR track would suit any bands album in a great track! So I guess that training and ability pays off because this is a highly enjoyable album that I strongly recommend!

Track List
Time to Let Go
How Will I Know
Shout till You Wake Up
Can´t Let Go
How Do You Sleep at Night
Over the Line
The Machine
Hold On to Love
The Turning Point
My Waking Dream

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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