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Lonely Camel: Shit City | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lonely Camel: Shit City



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Fourth album of Norwegian stoner band contains nine retro songs with a little bit of seventies AC/DC, MOTORHEAD, NWOBHM and the usual heavy grooves thrown in. The band are still founder members Tomas Brenna, guitars/vocals, Stian Helle, bass, and long time members Espen Nesset, drums, and Lukas Paulsen, guitars.

Opener “I Feel Sick” boosts an intense riff, buzzing bass and a lot of retro vibes. There is more boogie than I associate stoner bands with. “White Lines” ensues and is more traditional of the genre. The more I hear the less traditional are songs like “I Feel Sick” and “BFD” (Big Fat Dolly). To make me even more impressed and confused they go for 70-ies doom al Birmingham with “Seal the Perimeter”, and the lyrics probably needs a bit of (stoner) weed to be written at all. I think I may have the answer to the bands popularity; Say stoner, mix in some early doom and contagious Australian boogie. You may never apply to purists but the catchiness will linger...

Track List
Shit City
White Lines
Is It Over
I Feel Sick
Seal the Perimeter
Night Jar
Falling Down

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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