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Stryper: Live at the Whiskey | FESTIVALPHOTO

Stryper: Live at the Whiskey




STRYPER, which is said to stand for “salvation through redemption, yielding peace, encouragement and righteousness", has been busy on the live front and here is part of the result. One of the few bands from the eighties to remain intact member wise the line up is still Michael Sweet, vocals, Oz Fox, guitars, Tim Gaines, bass and Robert Sweet, drums. Om offer here are a selection of songs and hits from their approximately 20 year career, excluding their almost mandatory 10 year break-up in the wake of grudge.

Some songs are presented with their year, but audience contact seems a bit scarce otherwise as the band kicks into “Legacy”. Judging from audience reception and my own memory the best received songs are either from their career shaping albums “The Yellow and Black Attack” (1984), “Soldiers Under Command” (1985), and “To Hell with the Devil” (1986) or the impressive return to form with last year’s “No More Hell to Pay”. With a wimpier sound in mind from yesteryear the overall heaviness of this album is positive. Or maybe it´s just a case of me being most familiar with their less inspired “Against the Law” from 1990.
STRYPER also steer clear of the style changing 1988 and 1990 albums “In God We Trust” and “Against the Law”. Apparently fan reaction towards those un-Godly albums were less favourable, Instead they open with “Legacy” and “Marching Into Battle” and end with the obligatory “To Hell with the Devil” and “Soldiers Under Command”.
I think this album will do quite well as they have found their way again. STRYPER also have a lot going for them with their true comeback “No More Hell to Pay”. I guess we´ll be hearing more about heav ways to salvation in the future.

Track List
Marching Into Battle
You Know What to Do
Loud and Clear
Reach Out
Calling On You
More than a man
The Rock that Makes Me Roll
No More Hell to Pay
Jesus Is Just Allright
Always there for You
All for One
The Way
To Hell with the Devil
Soldiers Under Command

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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