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Pet the Preacher:: The Cave and the Sunlight | FESTIVALPHOTO

Pet the Preacher:: The Cave and the Sunlight



Danes PET THE PREACHER are Christian Hede Madsen, guitars, vocals, Torben Waever Pedersen, bass, background vocals, and Christian Von Larsen, drums. Funny that last name. The name of the game is stoner rock with seventies tinges.

The thing here is that stoner bands tend to sound pretty much the same- Either Close to sludge, or close to the furry edges of BLACK SABBATH around the height of their substance abuse. The danes are the latter variety. But they do get their grooves right in songs like "Kamikaze Night", "The Pig & the Haunted" and the overly fantastic strangely hidden away bous track "The Web". But alas there are also the likes of "Fire Baby" whwre THE DOORS meet some German depp band with less favorable results, "Let Your Dragon Fly", which is rather non-descript, and the melancholy "Remains". But if they find a way to follow their slightly more spiritual side there will be a PETR THE PREACHER to follow for quite a few years as their uptempo songs are neither depp nor stoner...even quite original!

Track List

The Cave
Let Your Dragon Fly
Kamikaze Night
Fire Baby
Marching Earth Part 1
Marching Earth Part 2
The Pig & the Hanted
What Now
I´m Not Gonna

Bonus Track
The Web

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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