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Three Lions: S/T




Is this three man project featuring Vinny Burns, guitars (ASIA, DARE, TEN), Greg Morgan, drums (DARE, TEN) and Nigel Bailey, bass/vocals, yet another Frontiers creation with an uncertain future? I think not, tag along and explain why.

Classic hard rock is the flavour of the day and opener “Trouble in a Red Dress” is atypical 80´s smash hit complete with lyrics derivate off “Lady in Red” somehow. One of the simplest yet best openers in a long time. The average on this album is above average so I´ll concentrate on the highlights. The distinctive mid-pace of “Winter Sun” is ornamented by a neat guitar pattern, and it too has fine lyrics about the pink splash of everyday live with the right lady. It´s deep in a way that only this trio can handle. The riff of “Holy Water” is British hard rock of the finest kind, complete with a refrain that is 80´s overdone but in the most sensible way. “Just a Man” is in the vicinity of the aforementioned track. If you´re into a bit of late 80´s FOREIGNER I´d recommend “Two Hearts Beat as One”. I´ve checked my copy of FOREIGNER´s “Unusual Heat”. It´s not on there but sounds as if it is. The keys colour the sound and the guitar work of Vinny is immaculately sensitive. My personal favourites are “Trouble in a Red Dress” and “Hellfire Highway”. The latter is a faster piece with a refrain to die for. The song is just the stuff that turned me onto hard rock about 30 years ago.
This album comes highly recommended and might win my top of 2014 already in August!

Track List
Trouble in a Red Dress
Hold Me Down
Twisted Soul
Winter Sun
Just a Man
Holy Water
Two Hearts Beat as One
Made for One Another
Don´t Let Me Fall
Hellfire Highway
Sicillian Kiss

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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