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Neal Schön: So U



Guitar legend Neal Schön has joined with bass man Marco Mendoza (BLACK STAR RIDERS, WHITESNAKE, THIN LIZZY) and drummer Deen Castronovo of JOURNEY, OZZY and HARDLINE fame. They have all contributed vocals and songs, but had a bit of help on the writing side from Jack Blades of NIGHT RANGER. JAZZ, BLUES, a bit of a Jam and musicianship enough for an orchestra has been squeezed onto this CD.
First up there is truly a voice for every style of this album! Secondly the overall sound never betrays their power trio format and I really like the bass lines.

There are a couple of excelling tracks here; “Exotica” is a tropical club night in song format, “Love Finds a Way” is probably an ode to the missus, Serenity is a rocking 80´s track that would have filled Mr Schön´s bank account back in the day, “Shelter” even more so, and “Big Ocean” almost had me calling the plumber with its wet and mesmerising style. Of the remaining tracks only the title tarck failed to be above average, mainly because the jazz fusion concept gets on my nerves as it stretches to almost ten minutes blank! But I cannot praise this album enough. If no one comes along with an instant everlasting classic during the remaining months of 2014 this is surely the varied album that has you on vacation, adoring your wife, rocking with the boys and swimming with tuna fish... of the year!

Track lIst
Take a Ride
So U
What You Want
Love Finds a Way
On My Way
Big Ocean

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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