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Hollywood Monsters | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hollywood Monsters



Mausoleum Records/Border

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS sounds like a retro film magazine, but actually it is all about a French guitarist by the name of Stephane “Steph” Honde. Steph has made a few acquaintances in teh rock world, Don Airey of DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW fame, Paul Di´Anno, a most enjoyable chap who most know, Vinny Appice of BLACK SABBATH and DIO, and he even lured Tom Bogert of CACTUS and VANILLA FUDGE out of his semi-retirement! The result? Not what you think...

Classic Hard Rock the info says...where? I find quite a few outbursts of melancholia here but preciously little to evoke the days of splendour and grandeur. “Move On” is one of the better moments with its slightly bluesy approach, the same goes for the title track, and the slightly groovy “Underground”. Maybe the best moment is the total Paul Di´Anno bonus track extravaganza of “Fuck You All”? Which is only for punks as can be expected. The rest is at best ok, the refrains are maybe there and nothing hints at the persons involved even being conscious. They don´t feature on many songs either, most of the musicians are French. And the song called “The Ocean” had me writing simply “Nej” (“No”) on the info sheet! Sorry but I can’t recommend this album to anyone.

Track List
Another Day in Grey - Pt 1
Move On
Big Trouble
The Only Way
The Cage
The Ocean
Oh Boy!
Village of the Damned
Song for a Fool

Bonus Track
Fuck You All

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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