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Mountain Throne: Stormcoven | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mountain Throne: Stormcoven



Cyclone Empire/Sound Pollution

MOUNTAIN THRONE might be a side band of sorts for J. And A. of German doomsters MIRROR OF DECEPTION. The band has already played Malta Doom Festival, Hammer of Doom etc. The album is marketed as a surefire metal legend if released back in 83´. I wonder what that really means in terms of songs, production etc.

“Spirits of Fate” opens with some doomy string bending, before progressing into a riff driven great opening song. Not quite the ancient half pace high school band I anticipated. The title track follow suite after a drum opening. The groovy style is obviously a trademark. But the opening tracks are in a class of their own it seems. “Winter” is not quite up to par, and “Morningstar Iconoclast” seems as if the band put more effort in finding a cool title than producing a cult metal track worthy of 1983. But the pattern repeat itself as “Priestess of the Old” is another rather quick paced effort with a great riff and pace changes, while the next is somewhat less inspired and the ending tracks are quite stale. Ist actually says in the info that the album is suited to the vinyl symmetry, which by all means was a bit centred to producing great opening tracks on side A and B! But, it takes more to became a metal cult, now as well as back then. Oh, and the sound is pretty raw, as when production Tools was that way.

Track List
Spirits of Fate
Morningstar Iconoclast
Priestess of the Old
On the Mountain Throne
Where Alchemy Thrived

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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