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Devil´s Heaven: Heaven on Earth | FESTIVALPHOTO

Devil´s Heaven: Heaven on Earth


Helldiver Records

Malmoe band DEVIL´S HEAVEN has a strong line-up; Marcus Nygren, vocals (STATE OF SALAZAR), Jonas Reingold, bass (FLOWERKINGS, KARMAKANIC), Richard Andersson, keyboards (MAJESTIC, TIME REQUIEM, SPACE ODDYSSEY), Jake Sandberg, guitars (ACES HIGH, EYES), Jaime Salazar, drums (JONAS HELLBORG GROUP, KARMAKANIC, ALLEN/LANDE) and Michael Månsson, guitars (solo). Together they set out to relive the eighties...and they sure do!

Opener “Welcome II the Show” is a sing-along eighties excursion, which is magically surpoassed by the tongue-in-cheek action of “Demerital Action”, one of my favourite songs of late. I f they had continued in that fashion this would have been the album of the year already in May. The songs are in fine fashion, but not quite as strong as the opening duo in general. But the only real crash is “Let It All Hang Out”, and the short oddity “Stillborn” sounds like another band. But for the rest of the day you´ll be singing along to “Riders in the Sky”, the power ballad “Cold”, “Wine Me” and the opening dui of cause. If you´re penchant to a bit of NWOBHM you´ll love “Day of Doom” like I did, and the contagious guitar work of the instrumental “Festung Europa” might cause severe air guitar syndrome. What Can I say, this goes to the best of 2014 list, in spite of two mistakes.

Track List
Welcome II the Show
Demerital Action
Devil Woman
Touched by an Angel
Mean Street City
Day of Doom
Riders in the Sky
Let It All Hang Out
Festung Europa
Hot Sex
Wine Me

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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