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Jackson Firebird: Cock Rockin | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jackson Firebird: Cock Rockin


Napalm/Sound Pollution

Back to the Future was a great movie back in the day, I doubt if this lot makes such an impression.
Aussie band JACKSON FIREBIRD is hinted to be the next big thing down under in the info sheet. They return to pastures green with gritty riffs, a bit of AC/DC thrown in as usual and grittiness that could fill a container. But the songs are derivative and the riffs seem to be recycled as the album unfolds. Six songs down the line I have had enough. The voice effects, the yeahs, the basic drumming, the surprises that never happens and the exclamation marks surrounding Brendan Harvey, guitars and vocals, and Dale Hudak, drums, vocals and bottle bin are not as cherished in my book.

Track List
Cock Rockin´
She Said
Rock Solid
Quan Dang
Red Light
Little Missy
Can Roll
Goin Out West
Sweet Eloise
Red Hair Honey

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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