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Skyliner: Outsiders | FESTIVALPHOTO

Skyliner: Outsiders



Limb Music/Sound Pollution

Florida´s Jacksonville might not be world famous for its metal output, LIMP BZKIT doesn´t count, and SKYLINER seems hell-bent to change that. Only not this time around...

Power metal, progressive parts, epic melodies, great vocals, classic riffs, there´s not much to wanton for according to the info sheet. In reality the band of guitarist/vocalist Jake Becker, cool bass player David Lee Redding, keyboard player Ashley Flynn and drummer Ben Brenner is probably aiming a tad too high. There is some space opera in the cover and a few opening parts, there are some German trademarks, and a good few of US power metal. Unfortunately there are preciously few catchy or interesting tunes. The German fare of “Forever Young” is the best if you ask me, but the over-worked “Aria of the Waters” and “Worlds of Conflict” provides an adolescent touch of big-eyed over-optimism to the album. The heavy “The Human Residue” is on the positive side with a fine refrain, but no other track lives up to that over par result, I´m sorry to say. The info sheet compares them to DREAM THEATER, which is off topic by many a mile still. Individual treats are plenty though, especially the bass lines are to my liking, perhaps implying that the saga doesn´t end here?

Track List
Symphony in Black
Undying Wings
Forever Young
Aria of the Waters
The Human Residue
Dawn of the Dead
The Alchemist
Worlds of Conflict

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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