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Azoria: Seasons Change | FESTIVALPHOTO

Azoria: Seasons Change



Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group/Sound Pollution

AZORIA is presented as greatness out of Sweden in the info sheet, the truth is out there. Founded in 2013 by Alexander Oriz (ORIZ, REINXEED), the band was in such a hurry to release this one that they still have no permanent lead vocalist. The band consists of Alex, Chirs David on bass (ORIZ, REINXEED), Simon JOnsson, rhythm guitar (REINXEED live), and drummer Simon Eriksson (ORIZ, JD MILLER). To complete the missing vocalist we find a ton of guests. But I think one person would have a hard time replacing; Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND etc), Mike Andersson (CLOUDSCAPE, FULL FORCE), Mikael Dahl (CRYSTAL EYES), TOMMY RENXEED (REINXEED), Mike E Gunnardo (NORDIC MIST, JAWBREAKERS) and Matilda Eriksson (Körslaget).

Obviously aiming at Japan with their REINXEED/HAMMERFALL style AZORIA has opted for an old-fashioned sound picture in the studio. Mike Anderson performs best of the singers, turning “Prophecy” and “To the Land of Glory” into stunning metal, albeit the song material to being impressive. The positive surprise is Mike E Gunnardo, doing his best with the weak “Inside My Heart” and getting “Love It Loud” off the ground. But as a whole, this album is rather lukewarm, especially the German depp rock of “Peace of Mind”, inexplicably sung by Snowy Shaw. Inconsistent might be the word to describe the outcome.

Track List
Just Like the Phoenix
Inside My Heart
Seasons Change
To the Land of Glory
When You Sleep
Love It Loud
Peace of Mind

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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